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  1. Bless them is right….but can we or them trust our politicians to steer us in the right direction? Since Trudeau announced in 2015 he was going to chart a friendly course for our environment he’s said, “We can’t leave it in the ground,”: He has purchased an elderly pipeline. He has given his blessings and a 4oo million dollar check to BC for their new 40 billion dollar LNG/Fracking industry.
    Is that call getting off on the right foot?


  2. It seems that our culture is based on the status of owning a car. Notice that high school parking lots are full of student’s cars that park all day for free. Its more likely the boys can name the top three most expensive cars on the road but can’t name the three leader’s names who hope to become Prime Minister. These are the folks who will eventually take 50% of the kid’s pay cheque’s if they should invent a product that will save the planet.

    Kids should be demanding accountability within the BC Educational curriculum. Then, there is the politicians meeting this week at the Vancouver Convention Center (UCBM) for the entire week from Sept. 21 to 27th. The average overnight parking fee is approximately $45, food allowance $60 daily, and hotel accommodations $250+ nightly. That could fund a lot of homeless sheltering, subsidize Transit, solar panels or electric assisted bikes. Think of all the hot air that will be wasted talking about Climate Change but not about the dangers of youths who are enticed into Vaping.

    The only true statement that will come out of it of UCBM will be … “We heard your concerns.” It’s a celebration for those who were lucky enough to have been elected by less than 30% of the voting population. God still blesses the children … but God should teach them to Vote.


  3. Art, love the last line, “God should teach them to Vote”. School, society, what ever taught kids to use seat belts to save their lives. there are little kids who won’t have an engine start without wearing a seat belt. Adults ditto because the adults of today were the kids of yesterday. Voting is as important as wearing a seat belt and it too will save your life. Its like the kids in the Florida who would not keep quiet after the Parkland shootings and have not kept quiet since. Part of their message was political action and voting. If kids or any one are waiting for politicians to do something, you’ll be old and dead or just dead by the time, if ever they do anything.

    It is unlikely we will have civics classes which teach the importance of voting in schools. If Canada had a 80% participation rate at the polls, we might well be a different country. Its great we have mass protests but will the politicians pay attention? The majority of kids marching today will not be voting in Oct. We need to teach children the importance of voting. We don’t even teach kids that being a politician is a career option. From time to time when a kid tells me they don’t know what they want to be, I tell them the benefits of being a politicians. Most didn’t even know the job paid as well as it does, comes with medical benefits, pensions, etc. When I explain you don’t have to be smart or get good grades to run for election they are amazed. To work in the food industry you need a Food Safe Course. to be a politician………………….?

    To the kids marching to day, thank you. lets hope some news organizations report on it as it should be. Many won’t because they as corporations don’t want masses of kids turning 19 and voting.

    Norm, thank you for reporting on this topic. The more exposure this article receives, the better. To those reading this, please send it on so we can do what the MSM may fail to do.


  4. I wonder if any of our political parties who are running for political office have the gonads to start talking about political/Government corruption? The lack of Government implementing any climate change legislation and inforcing them is directly linked to our Governments’ collusion with big-corps. Don’t forget that the big banks/investment outfits are part of big-corps too, not just the oil/gas companies. I can just hear the big-boys telling Scheer and Trudeau ” dare not interfere with the lifestyle that we’ve become accustomed to”.


  5. Meanwhile, the purported leader of the free world is busily rescinding measures put in place by his predecessor to tackle the problem while signing off on policies which will exacerbate it. He is politically supported by a vast majority of evangelicals in his evil mission.

    They too no doubt expect their god to bless the children.


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