Natural Gas

Clark formed the policy; Horgan accelerated it

The Province of BC cancelled the Crown sale of petroleum and natural gas rights scheduled for March 18 “due to travel restrictions affecting bid delivery.”

Perhaps the pony express between Fort St. John and Victoria is unavailable and electronic means of delivering documents have broken down.

The ministry also states that future sale dates are being evaluated but my guess is that monthly sales of rights will soon be eliminated. The trend is in that direction:

Hectares offered in fiscal years 2019 and 2020 were 7% of the average offered in the preceding 20 years. I deduce a preference by the ministry to award petroleum and natural gas rights by administrative edicts, not by competitive tenders.

No surprise, the government revenue trend has been dismal. Amounts shown in 2020 dollars:

Proceeds in fiscal year 2019 was 8% of the average of the preceding 20 years. Fiscal year 2020 (12 months ended March 2020) was even worse, being only 2% of that 20 year average.

These rights sale results reflect policies of a government dedicated to increasing fossil fuel production. To do that, they are giving away the public share of these natural resources.

Christy Clark formed the policy; John Horgan accelerated it.

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  1. .. I see the connection here.. to a contemporary reality.. that Alberta is now the majority owner of a BC gas pipeline to Kitimat.. the pipeline underway starts close to the Alberta border and both provinces share The Montney Formation gas fields.. obviously the plan is to tie in Alberta gas stockpiles designed to feed that pipeline to the coast.. merge it into the BC side Montney gas and zip it to Kitimat – ‘tidewater’ as they so cheerfully describe it.. so magical is ‘tidewater’ that it can raise the value of dilbit or LNG to that of benchmark oil & gas. Bring on the supertankers ! We are ‘world class’ !!


  2. The faux “business oriented” tax regime is nothing more than a corporate scam, abetted by government to achieve higher profits at the taxpayer’s expense.

    The NDP, which currently is in a “brain drain” spiral which results in government continuing the previous governments bad or corrupt agenda’s.

    For the NDP is it “jobs, jobs, jobs” or should I say “union jobs, union jobs, union jobs” and giving corporations deep discounts on the public’s share of natural resources continues their incompetent Union jobs folly.

    This brain drain of the NDP has left them vulnerable because for many, they are seen as a anachronism of the 20th century and unelectable because it is now the 21st century and 20th century polices are, at best, unworkable.

    Mega projects, fracking and more, including lack of any coherent transportation policy has made a mockery of the NDP so called “Green” agenda.

    Horgan is a puppet, whose strings are being pulled by his chief assistant, Geoff Meggs and Megg’s strings are being pulled by land developers and land speculators, whose strings are being pulled by money launderers and the money launderer’s strings are being pulled by major drug cartels and oligarchs, the grand puppet-masters of the world.

    Horgan and the NDP to not have the wit to understand this, as the blindly forge ahead with their union jobs agenda, at whatever the cost.

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  3. Most, if not all of the bids would be delivered from out of province. Decision making power in the few remaining regional producer offices is limited and has faded from memory just as the land sale fees you speak of.

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