Scraping the barrel bottom

The Trump campaign suggested journalists to be considered as moderators in 2020 Presidential debates.

Jonathan Swan and Chris Wallace were not on the list.

These people were:

Bret Baier (Fox):

Bret Baier apologizes on-air for Fox News graphic linking the deaths of black men to stock market performance.

The “horrific graphic” aired Friday during Fox News’ Special Report on Friday night, prompting Fox News to apologize Saturday morning.

Gerry Baker (WSJ):

Wall Street Journal staff complain to editor-in-chief about his predecessor Gerard Baker who in Ahmaud Arbery op-ed wrote that white people are the real victims.

Shannon Bream (Fox):

Shannon Bream, host of primetime program Fox News @ Night, issued an apology to the Philadelphia Eagles on Tuesday after the show suggested the NFL team protested the national anthem. The players were engaged in prayer.

David Brody (CBN):

CBN News’ David Brody Asks Trump: Did God Put You In Office For Such A Time As This?

Rachel Campos-Duffy (Fox):

Rachel Campos-Duffy Says Some Blacks Find Immigration Centers ‘Better Than’ Public Housing

Larry Elder (YouTuber):

No, President Trump Should NOT Have Attended John Lewis’ Funeral...

Harris Faulkner (Fox):

Fox News host Harris Faulkner — subbing in for MacCallum — appeared to have trouble determining whether calling climate activist Greta Thunberg, 16, “mentally ill” was offensive.

Michael Goodwin ( NY Post):

“Trump is engaging in global brinkmanship on two fronts. He may fail, but his aggressive moves represent clean breaks from the stale, failed orthodoxy of both Democratic and Republican presidents.”

Joe Kernen (CNBC):

Kernen repeatedly said ‘Gandhi’ in a bad Indian accent, but the conversation only deteriorated from there. “‘No, I can’t do it. I was going to say something,’ Kernen said.

Kernen then asked if Indians were good at Seven-11..

Bill Hemmer (Fox):

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer on Tuesday criticized Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez remarks comparing U.S. detention facilities for immigrants to concentration camps…

Hugh Hewitt (SRN, Christian and conservative radio network):

MSNBC contributor and radio host Hugh Hewitt is apologizing for his “bad word choice” after joking that Joe Biden has “gone through the time machine and transgendered into Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”

Tom Llamas (ABC):

In 2019, Tom Llamas and foreign correspondent Ian Panell claimed ABC News had obtained video of what “appears to show the fury of the Turkish attack on the border town of Tal Abyad.” The video was actually taken at a Kentucky gun range in 2017.

Dagen McDowell (Fox):

Fox Business anchor Dagen McDowell apologized to network colleague Jessica Tarlov Friday, after the two engaged in a heated shouting match.

Charles Payne (Fox):

Extolling torture’s merits, [Thomas] McInerney said: “The fact is John McCain — it worked on John. That’s why they call him ‘Songbird John.’” McInerney’s almost universally offensive comment went unchecked by Charles Payne, and people were outraged.

Rick Santelli (CNBC):

Everyone in America should be given the coronavirus so the economic impact of the outbreak can be lessened, CNBC on-air editor Rick Santelli suggested Thursday.

But what he left unsaid was that such an approach could result in more than 11 million Americans dead.

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  1. And, the only reason that Joe Biden looks good is because Trump is such an idiot. Biden is an idiot too but he doesn’t have the personality/ego disorders that Trump has. All Biden has to do is put on his aviator glasses, put on a huge toothy smile, and mingle with his adoring crowd. All his handlers have to do, is make certain that he doesn’t open his mouth.


  2. “For many years, those on the conservative right in the United States have invoked a nostalgia for the 1950s, and an America that never was, but has to be presumed to have existed to rationalize their sense of loss and abandonment, their fear of change, their bitter resentments and lingering contempt for the social movements of the 1960s, a time of new aspirations for women, gays, and people of color.”

    “The nation that defeated smallpox and polio, and led the world for generations in medical innovation and discovery, was reduced to a laughing stock as a buffoon of a president advocated the use of household disinfectants as a treatment for a disease that intellectually he could not begin to understand.”

    One thing the buffoon does understand though is the gullibility of his base and how they don’t mind being fed from the bottom of the barrel. It’s where their comfort food comes from.


  3. The USA is sitting on a precipice democratically and they are ever faster sliding into a Fascist regime.

    Like all Fascist regimes, it is based on elitism, militarism and just plain greed.

    The American right yearn for the corn-pone, Jim-crow, “Father Knows Best” TV age, the never existed.

    WW@ brought great social change to the USA, sadly it did not reflect in their politics, which remained distinctly 18th century. The USA did not evolve but was taken kicking and screaming into the 60’s but after Vietnam and Kent state, the right, allied with the Evangelical religions and major corporations, have molded the USA back into the not so pleasant past of racism, faux American exceptionalism; and all the detritus of the semi-Apartheid state.

    Now the odious apparatus of Federal goons, corrupt politicians, and a bankrupted political system, the USA now lurches like a demented alcoholic under the leadership of a con-man; a grifter of supreme arrogance, combines with a total ignorance.

    The question becomes how long can this last until complete chaos rules south of the 49th?

    How soon will the generals allow a president who allows a Russian paid bounty on US soldiers killed?

    How long will the people take until they break under this totally corrupt nation?

    Keep the boarder closed? Hell i would start recruiting more into the army to stave off the flood of refugees soon coming to this land.


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