BC Hydro

Lies cost BC citizens billions

To gain public support for massive spending, BC Hydro is untruthful. To avoid taking responsibility for bad public policy, the Horgan Government pretends not to notice.

This is taken from BC Hydro’s website today:

This is reality disclosed by BC Hydro’s financial reports:

Yes, despite population growth and and a larger economy, the utility’s domestic sales have been flat for years. This illustrates what BC Hydro won’t admit publicly.

Until about 15 years ago, consumption of electricity did increase from year to year. Every electrical utility in the world understands their market has changed. Some adapt; some do not.

BC Hydro is in the latter category. Instead of innovation, the company is driven by inertia. Not surprising because the company, its executives and contractors have grown used to lucrative rewards. Their empire grows.

Empire builders don’t voluntarily diminish their realms. Featherbedding contractors don’t offer to withdraw and seek useful work.

Ruling politicians afraid of being called “The Party of No” are afraid to say no, even when circumstances demand it.

With an election called, citizen now have a chance to object.

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  1. The difficulty getting folks upset about these frauds and assorted social offensives is because victims, at the personal level, are hard if not impossible to identify. Criminals have figured out that hiding in or behind contracts gives them safety from angry citizens. (SNGL).

    That was evident when we came to know about the “Panama papers”, the London Overnight rates (LIBOR) for intra banking, Enron, money laundering, and on and on.

    The accountants do not and will not incorporate “contractual financial obligations” in an Annual Report other than as a foot note, even though in BC the AG reported in 2017 our total was $100 billion for mostly secret agreements. Even a report on “Contractual Unfairness” in 2011 goes unremarked by all MSM.

    That is what Leonard Cohen ‘s song Everyone Knows is about:

    Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
    Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
    Everybody knows that the war is over
    Everybody knows that the good guys lost

    Everybody knows the fight is fixed
    The poor stay poor and the rich get rich
    That’s how it goes…

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  2. john horgan used the phrase-(i struggled mightly with carrying on with the site c dam project also)-seems john horgan has lots of mightly struggles–the site c dam project is built on ancient mud-no foundation what so ever -the poer house-diversion tunnels-spillways are now sinking in that ancient mud-there is no fix for this as there is no soild ground for at least 125 feet below the site-we know this from test holes bored many many years ago-all the construction corporations knew this also especially snc lavalin–the crooked corruption going on at site c by the federal govt-provincial govt and bc hydro is mind bogglying–heads should roll and people -corporations should be jailed for the complete destruction of the peace river valley and its wildlife habitat all for crooked corrupt corporate and political greed–mark meiers-charlie lk bc

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    • Seems as if John Horgan suffers from the Christy Clark disease, LOMC – Lack of Mental Capacity, or he’s just as corrupt as his predecessors, the Liberals.
      Its long been known that the foundation material has little, or no bearing capacity. It is only being brought to light now, NOW because it’s affecting the next, immanent stage of construction – a huge load on the non load bearing foundation.
      This problem has been known, but not publicized, since conception.
      If the NDP insist on proceeding with this highly useless project, they should all be forced to relocate downstream, and to forfeit their pensions!
      VOTE GREEN!!!


    • Oh, it’ll fail alright! If not now, when the loaded reservoir causes all sorts of disruption in the base. If not now, then later!
      Hydro may be concerned about the weight of the dam causing the foundation to fail, but have the given any though to the weight of water in the reservoir? Or the mud slides that will inevitably fill it in the future.
      There will indeed be failures. Just hope that they will be gradual, not catastrophic!
      We don’t need “failure insurance”! We need insurance AGAINST failure. But I doubt if any Insurance Company would be silly enough to provide it!


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