BC Hydro

A conversation about BC Hydro

I spent time today talking with Chris Cook for his program on CFUV 101.9 FM, Victoria’s campus/community radio station.

Chris is part of Gorilla Radio, which offers interesting interviews on subjects not well covered in corporate media.

BC Hydro’s difficulties definitely fit in that category.

Chris permits readers of IN-SIGHTS to listen to our chat before scheduled broadcast on October 22.

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  1. Great interview Norm! Let’s hope this leads hundreds to your site, and to the truth of BC Hydro’s destruction…by both major political parties. Let’s also hope they tell ALL of their friends, and so on.

    I sincerely hope this interview will only be the first of many, and that it shames the lapdogs who find comfort serving their favorite politicians with silence. Mind, feeling shame requires integrity.


  2. Hats off to you for this.

    As the mainstream media has decidedly to pursue “puff” stories, you are asking real questions and doing real research.


  3. Shame that interview and more like it aren’t featured on traditional media sites.

    It’s a damning indictment of those corporate outlets that it is not, because it represents something the broader public deserves and should be hearing about their public utility. Which is to say, the truth.


  4. How can we help educate voters about this? In my mind, there is no way that this scandal can go unpunished.

    But I am an idealist. I went through ten years of reporting similar misdeeds at my work and not a single scandal was rectified even though customers and the company both lost millions of dollars. The right thing isn’t always done and standing up for what’s right doesn’t always make a positive difference. The only thing you can have at the end is your own integrity.


  5. Concerned Engineer says: “How can we help educate voters about this? In my mind, there is no way that this scandal can go unpunished.”

    Norm doesn’t have the luxury of being widely known, as he would be if he had a regular column in The Province or The Sun. And face it: probably half the voting population don’t even want to know about a topic if it can’t be understood in a few pictures or a descriptive headline.

    There ARE people out there who care, people who would learn from Norm’s work and send on their concerns to newspapers, social media and government officials. It’s such people — who may not know of In-Sights — who need to be introduced to the site, or topics within.

    How? Use links to the site in your social media; respond to newspaper stories with links to the site; send links to friends who you think might appreciate it. Heck, at the 2013 and 2017 elections, I was posting notes on public bulletin boards in supermarkets, with Norm’s site address on tear-off tabs.

    We can all do our part to get Norm’s news out. I know I’ve brought at least one regular reader into the group.

    (And send Norm some $, once in a while, to help further his work. Every time I say that, it costs me money… Check your mail, Norm!)


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