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Electric shock

Retired economist Erik Andersen has long been a critic of BC Hydro’s economics. This week, he wrote:

In a few words, over a 15 year span, total annual revenues (what we have paid as customers) have increased by 100%, over the same period and with inclusion of contract obligations the total capital deployed more than doubled but customer needs ( as represented by volume of annual sales measured in gigawatt-hours) remained unchanged.

Erik says the intrinsic value of the money we pay BC Hydro has collapsed by more than half. Another thing to remember is that fifteen years ago, the utility didn’t resort to accounting trickery to claim profitable operations.

And that’s before Site C adds more than half a billion dollars a year to BC Hydro’s costs of operation.

My charts illustrate Erik’s words and facts that BC politicians and highly paid utility executives prefer were left unknown.

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  1. I tell people this and they don’t believe me. They say we need to conserve energy because we don’t have enough.

    The people of BC have been brainwashed by propaganda for so long, they cannot believe the truth when its presented to them. Even employees of BC Hydro do not understand or believe these facts.

    The utility is doomed. BC is doomed. Canada is doomed. Humanity is doomed, unless all of the zombies wake up from their stupor and recognize the problems we have.

    We are living in the zombie apocalypse… the zombies commute to their cubicles every day (in spite of a pandemic)


    • We live in an age of the 10 second sound bite.

      Research is meaningless to most as they believe what “facts” they wish to believe.

      The mainstream media is no longer the “Fifth Estate” and are like a radio Moscow, repeating lies so often that the public believe them to be true.

      Our school kids are not taught to research, rather copy and get higher marks for repeating the educational elite’s mantra.

      History is not taught because the government wants to change history to suit their electoral needs. Real history is rewritten to meet the standard of the professionally offended. In short, we are graduating zombies.


  2. If a few of us are correct about economic super cycles and that humanity is now in a K-winter, then logically we should be able to also think of the K-spring.

    That maybe too much hope for some but I prefer to imagine what is ahead. Of course the way may be violent and victimize large parts of the population , that what scares me.

    I like Tony Seba’s phrase, “transformational change” (I think I got it right.)


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