Climate Change

Just have a think!

Dave Borlace opened a YouTube channel in 2018 to review the science behind climate debates and discover what is being done to avoid catastrophe. In the first minute of his first video, Borlace declared he was not a scientist and not a climate expert, just a person wanting to learn and share information.

If one reads academic journals, it is clear most scientists do not write to please lay people. As an aside, I reviewed a family member’s paper written for his master’s degree program at UBC. My few suggestions to improve readability were quickly rejected. Something about information density and academic precision ranking above clarity.

Perhaps Borlace’s strength in sharing knowledge about climate and energy is that he is not a scientist. Nor is he a spin doctor advancing financial interests of paying clients. Like my website, Dave’s Just Have a Think! is funded by individual supporters who appreciate the content. Dave says he has never monetized his videos and promises he never will.

Independence allows content providers to pursue subjects of personal interest and the results of research can be reported without being affected by commercial or political loyalties.

Subscribers to Just Have a Think! have more than doubled in the past year and now number about a quarter million. Check out the channel. There a broad range of information and you don’t need a degree in bafflegab translation.

This was the channel’s first video, posted in March 2018.

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  1. I always assumed that Borlace WAS a scientist — the kind with the good fortune of being uber smart AND a great communicator, like Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    Now I’m even more impressed with Borlace!

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