Natural Resources

Privatizing public wealth

Years ago, corporations decided they should pay less for BC’s natural resources. The companies funded pressure groups, slick online websites, and social media shills. All amplified public messaging in support of private resource extraction.

Lobbyists wined and dined politicians and senior bureaucrats. Dollars moved into the bank accounts of political parties.

The efforts were successful. For the expenditure of a few million, industrialists gained billions.

Despite promises to voters, Liberal and NDP governments eased the industry’s burdens. Charts using figures from annual Budget and Fiscal plans show how public wealth has been privatized.

Keep in mind the value of produced resources in BC has soared in the past two decades.

The consequence of losing resource revenue is that government must look elsewhere for operating funds or reduce worthwhile programs. Unfortunately, education is often targeted, even though it is vital for a successful society.

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  1. And much of the media stood by. Oh. Don’t they do that now. Makes one think that they’ve been wined, dined and bought also. The perception is there.

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  2. Great info. I hope in the next article you go into how the politicians stole from the people via sales tax and fuel tax and their increases. And cuts to social services or not increasing funding. Education is mentioned but not how much the provinces was spending.
    A big in our face results we can see in housing and poverty.
    OK. It may take many articles.

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  3. Reading Sam Cooper’s book “Wilful Blindness” and find it remarkable that when it comes to moving illicit drugs, people, and dirty money the global web that depends on corrupt government machinery exists everywhere except British Columbia.

    Here government is happy to have us believe it’s just boneheaded incompetence.

    And they’re the same people that arrange BC’s share of its natural resources. As Rafe Mair used to say, “This is where we act surprised.”

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  4. this is the total crooked corrupt corporate greed in bc today and the govt of the day totally complicite–the rape and pilliage of the north for crooked corrupt corporate coffers and political bank accounts is despicable and i dont see any change any time soon untill people get tired of the corruption and political heads roll—who has the will—mark meiers-charlie lk bc


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