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  1. I find it incomprehensible how anyone in BC who was in the province during the 122ºF heat dome earlier this summer, could possibly be willing to participate in the charade version of politics. Only the Green Party is willing to organize at the level that is required to restore equilibrium to our biosphere. This problem is at least at the level of urgency as our participation in WW2, and the charade parties are acting as though environmental issues are negotiable and urgent action, optional.

    Anyone who even casually follows IPCC @IPCC_CH would come to a very rapid conclusion that this climate risk requires all communities to be fully engaged and to develop serious and immediate action to achieve as much as possible in the 17 goal areas by the year 2030. @Alliance2030ca has to become a program of action whereby governments do everything possible to encourage informal community groups and independent activists to become fully organized for action over the remainder of the decade.


  2. Very good graphic and very apt in an election year. Another hallowed cartoonish depiction of our politics is the “Mouseland” story told by Tommy Douglas. See:

    We in BC might consider rewriting the Mouseland story but using forest animals trying to preserve our tattered remains of our formerly magnificent old growth forest, end fossil fuel subsidies, etc. Sometimes humour and satire are very effective tools indeed!

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  3. The BC NDP has become as cat-like as it gets. I can give you hundreds of pages of documentation that clearly shows that the BC NDP has allowed the industry-controlled BC Securities Commission to actively and overtly give cover for impunity and the committing of crimes against elderly bank clients, and the evidence of indictable offenses just blown off. This is NOT why the NDP was founded in 1961. Just the opposite.


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