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Seth Klein fixed a Fortis letter

Fifteen months ago, writer, researcher and climate activist Seth Klein put out this message on Twitter:

A few months ago, we switched to electric heat pumps and got all the “natural” gas out of our home.

Today, I received this letter from Fortis BC. So I fixed it! Hey Fortis, stop asking people to undo their good work.

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  1. For those who may be interested, this suitably corrected letter was also part of Seth’s larger step-by-step practical article “Getting off gas: A how-to guide to get fossil fuels out of your home” posted in the National Observer on Dec. 10, 2021.
    Here’s the link to that article:
    When we moved to the North Okanagan from North Vancouver in 1994, our new log home here was heated by a combination oil/wood-burning furnace. After a few years we switched over to a more “efficient” natural gas furnace and water heater, mainly because it was the recommended solution of the day (I didn’t know any better). I would rather have gone with a high-efficiency wood-burning furnace, but the insurance penalty for having a wood-burning furnace was (is) prohibitive.
    We’ll be looking into making the switch to an electric heat pump.


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