Climate Change

The world’s climate plan: make targets, miss targets, repeat, die

Millions of people have been affected by extraordinary weather events in 2022. The effects of climate change are compounding, but political leaders and industrialists use misinformation and outright lies to resist science and accelerate production of fossil fuels.

Countries climate pledges built on flawed data, Washington Post, November 2021:

Across the world, many countries underreport their greenhouse gas emissions in their reports to the United Nations, a Washington Post investigation has found. An examination of 196 country reports reveals a giant gap between what nations declare their emissions to be vs. the greenhouse gases they are sending into the atmosphere...

The plan to save the world from the worst of climate change is built on data. But the data the world is relying on is inaccurate...

Washington Post researchers blame flawed data on “questionably drawn rules, incomplete reporting in some countries and apparently willful mistakes in others.” Estimates are often based on expected outcomes, not on real world measurements. Industries and governments know it is useful to minimize reporting of climate changing emissions.

A 2020 paper using satellite examinations of a prolific oil-producing region was published in the journal Science Advances. It reported methane emissions from production in the Permian Basin were more than two times higher than estimated. This is a critical difference because methane has more than 80 times the warming power of carbon dioxide over the first 20 years after it reaches the atmosphere

Even while underreporting GHG emissions, developed countries still miss targets they establish. Canada is no exception.

Since 1990, this country has had nine climate plans and failed to meet targets established in every plan. Independent Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development Jerry DeMarco said:

Canada has become the worst performer of all G7 nations since the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change was adopted in 2015... We can’t continue to go from failure to failure. We need action and results, not just more targets and plans.

British Columbia is no better than other provinces that put Canadians among the highest per capita contributors of dangerous emissions.

The Climate Change Accountability Act requires the BC government to publish annual reports on how it plans to make progress towards all its climate targets. The 2021 report falls woefully short, by failing to include a plan for the 2025, 2040 and 2050 climate targets. It also omits the government’s plan to cut carbon pollution from the oil and gas sector, which could rapidly grow in coming years – fueled largely by the B.C. government’s support for fracked gas.  


The UN Emissions Gap Report found that commitments made by G20 members that account for almost 80% of GHG emissions fail set those countries on a clear path towards net zero. Net zero is another fanciful target to be missed, but the concept keeps spin doctors busy and many citizens complacent.

In about three minutes, Juice Media provides a clear explanation. Don’t miss it.

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  1. Here is the deal on climate change and many will not like it; our politicians have NOT bought into climate change and Global Warming”, despite so much evidence that points to the fact, our and the world’s climate is changing.

    Even the Greens in Canada haven’t bought into climate change as they would rather fight old battles in other lands, than address real issues at home.

    All the politicians have done is to tax people because by taxing people shows that you are “concerned”. the higher the taxes, the more concerned the politicians are believed to be.

    Currently we have the “electric” car band wagon, despite the growing evidence that mining lithium creates more pollution that the gas powered belchfires taken off the road.

    We have the “rapid transit” band wagon where building a subway is believed to cure all transit ills, while forgetting that the manufacture of cement creates vast amount of CO2 emissions.

    We have the bicycle band wagon, where it is believe bicycles will create an economic and urban nirvana. (Just as an aside, I was fortune enough to live in the Netherlands for a few months and I can say Holland is flat and i mean flat, perfect for cycling. Metro Vancouver, not so much)

    Oh there are a lot more “band wagons’ for climate change but sadly, actions speak loudly.

    Ever watch “Highway from hell”? No?

    I ask the simple question; “Why are those commercial vehicles on the road? Why are they not on rail?

    We have railways on Vancouver island and the lower mainland, yet only one route is used for carrying passengers and that route only sees a very limited in and out service, nothing more. The E&N is being left to rot and the former BC Electric Interurban line, which is used by freight only, is still in use today.

    (Well the answer for that is, government builds rapid transit strictly for politcal purposes nothing more)

    The “Eye” been predicting climate change for decades, before it became chique , but now everyone says that they are concerned about Global Warming, but very little is being done to mitigate climate change.

    Call it what you want, but the climate crisis has long past us, we are now fast approaching the end game………………and the band played on.

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  2. Why is it that it’s the ‘little people’, you, and me, writing here and there, around the world are the ones that are supposed to be causing climate change. We’re been brainwashed! Convinced into thinking that we have to get OUR acts together to stop climate change by not using oil. We have to buy into electric cars, and yet ……. there are thousands upon thousands of satellites being launched (with oil by-products) from Earth to enable eg. communication giants, eg. Eon’ Musk with his necklace of satellites, et other of his companies ….. in a race to reach the moon, and beyond, without a call from the public to stop all the launches, even those that have the capability of mass destruction of the masses (people).

    eg. delayed, once again, the launch of ‘Artemis launch plan: Here are NASA’s next steps’


  3. Evil Eye, good points. I especially like the one regarding the “cure” may be worse than the disease, i.e. mining for electric cars, etc. My favorite one is solar panels, yes they’re good but the city in China which produces most of them a few years ago was rated as the most polluted city in China. Then what do we do with solar panels once they don’t work anymore.

    My take on things, we need to stop buying so much stuff in the West. It may drive the economy but only major corporations benefit, the billionaires, etc. Other countries around the world need to reduce their populations and get a tad more organized in their housing, farming, clean water, etc. There is no need for people to live in squalor. Most countries have the financial means, they just make sure the general public never accesses it. Countries need to look after their children. Having children born to just have them die due to starvation, lack of health care, sanitation and clean water isn’t a sustaining model. We might also want to look at a world agreement on ocean pollution and start fining the countries who do pollute the oceans.


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