Despicable bedfellows

Professor Robert Reich is a public affairs commentator published in a broad range of forums. His Substack platform is always worth reading. A recent entry argues that that under Elon Musk, Twitter has fully embraced the political right. As evidence, Reich offers the robber baron’s lovefest with book-banning culture warrior Ron DeSantis.

Reich asks, What unites the anti-woke culture warrior and the anti-worker robber baron?

[Musk] calls himself a “free speech absolutist,” but that’s utter bulltwat. He wants to elevate the speech of people like DeSantis but suppress the speech of workers who want to unionize. He’s even gone along with Turkey’s recent ban on anti-regime comments in the run-up to the Turkish election.

DeSantis is not exactly a libertarian himself, unless you define a libertarian as someone who bans books, forces women to give birth, threatens to take trans youth away from parents who approve of their getting gender-affirming care, prohibits teachers from mentioning gender identity or sexual orientation, bars teachers from talking about America’s history of racism, and wreaks vengeance even on Mickey Mouse for opposing his authoritarian policies.

Los Angeles Times also noted that logical consistency is not the strong suit of America’s would-be despots:

Musk and DeSantis praised each other for their dedication to free speech, and Sacks brought on several right-wing sophists to add their voices. They included Jay Bhattacharya, one of the drafters of the Great Barrington Declaration, which, as I reported this week, advocated letting the COVID virus run rampant through the population in quest of the elusive goal of “herd immunity” — at the cost of hundreds of thousands of American lives.

Another was Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), whose claim to fame on a national scale was issuing a Christmas tweet in 2021 showing himself, his wife and their five kids brandishing assault weapons. “Santa, pls bring ammo,” the tweet read.

The Jerusalem Post reported in 2022 that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis refused to condemn a Nazi rally in Orlando, claiming that those asking him to condemn the Nazi rally are trying to “smear” him.

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  1. DeSantos is more dangerous than Trump and as to freedom of speech, the man might say he is in favour of it but my conclusion is, he isn’t and Musk, neither is he. Musk has never appeared to me to be all that in favour of much of anything which is of benefit to society in general. Anyone who lugs a sink into the offices of a company he just bought is missing something and it isn’t the water pipe. My take on his purchasing twitter was to control the narrative in the U.S.A. and elsewhere. Now if he jumps in DeSantos bandwagon and assists him in becoming President, and perhaps controlling the narrative, they can both be the American nazis of note.

    Was reading the Washington Post recently and the journalist had obtained a copy of DeSantos’s first e book. Turns out the book is no longer available anywhere but the Washington Post had purchased a copy. The journalist argued, as I understand it, that Desantos wrote that the Civil War was about property rights, that the slave owners had a right to hold on to their property, slaves. It read like; because people were slaves and slaves were property, there was no need to give up your property. So now we know what is most likely behind all of Destantos’s new “laws” and why Musk appears to have tossed his cards in with Destantos. None of those billionaires seem all that keen on unions or ensuring people make a decent living in a decent work enviornment. When people dismiss unions and argue against unions and pay raises, what they are really saying is not only can the adults not be entitled to a decent life but their children must live in poverty. Then they wonder why there are problems in their country.

    It would be better for this world if Desantos and Musk get on one of Musk’s rockets, take off and just keep going.


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