Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression, perhaps

For this post, I planned to review the Supreme Court of Canada decision in the BC case regarding advertising that discomforted our political establishment. In it, the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority appealed against a loss in British Columbia’s Appeal Court in their dispute with the Canadian Federation of Students and BC Teacher’s Federation.

The Supreme Court of Canada issued a decision that reinforces the right to express political thoughts in public places. I thought I would condense a lengthy written judgment and show a few important paragraphs that clarified the rights of small groups to speak out against those who hold power. I believe this is an enormous issue. Freedom of expression ought not to be interfered with by political and commercial forces.

Yet, as I tried to deconstruct the wordy judgment, I could not condense it without losing some of its power. For that reason, I restrict my comments and invite you to read the judgment.

Categories: Freedom of Expression

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