"… disclosure of documents (potentially thousands) …"

Could there be other surprises about to surface in examination of the Dziekanski homicide? One has to wonder why the Inquiry anticipates soon receiving thousands of documents for examination. This was the time when Thomas Braidwood expected to be writing his final report.

Department of Justice lawyer Helen Roberts represented the RCMP at the Braidwood Inquiry, until recently. She was replaced by another DOJ lawyer after accepting responsibility for late disclosure of what may be significant correspondence between senior police officers.

However, Commission Counsel Art Vertlieb said Roberts is not entirely responsible for the disclosure problem. “The simple fact is the RCMP should have produced that document months and months before,” he said.

Perhaps they have now discovered a few more records that should have been produced months ago.


Job Title: Temporary Research Assistant
Reports to Manager, Finance and Administration (Functionally reports to Legal and Policy Researcher)
Time frame: Full-time, mid-July to end of August (slight possibility of extending into September)

Job Purpose

  • This position was created to address an expected large disclosure of documents (potentially thousands) that will require detailed analysis and organization.
  • The position will work in concert with 2-3 other staff members to analyze, catalogue and organize documents for relevance, and to prepare for potential further investigation.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Read disclosure material carefully, capturing detail and noting relevant items.
  • Organize material according to multiple categories (relevance, subject, etc).
  • Communicate and coordinate with other members of the research team.
  • Summarize findings succinctly for head Researcher and Counsel.
  • Provide coverage and potentially coordinate research during team member holidays.


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Excellent reading and writing skills
  • Fast learner with sound judgment
  • Strong aptitude for research; organized and detail-oriented
  • High degree of initiative and able to self-supervise
  • Legal background and experience in due disclosure will be beneficial

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