One more election promise betrayed

This man is guilty of deceit.

Remember when he asked for your vote and promised to protect education and health care?

It’s one thing to let an old guy wait for by-pass surgery or hip replacement or to start charging tolls on a bridge paid for, by tolls, in 1963, or to cut legal aid to drug addled burglars, or restrict your assistants to fewer than three smart phones at one time. But, it’s quite another thing when you put small children at risk so you can fund your promises to wealthy supporters and sponsoring corporations:

Funds for hungry school kids, classroom computers and schoolyard jungle gyms are being cut this year in B.C., even as the province’s education minister maintained yesterday the province’s public school system is “well-funded.”

Parent advisory councils were notified yesterday that their gaming grants will be halved this year – money that goes to enrichment programs like libraries, play equipment and sports uniforms.

Later in the day, gaming officials quietly unveiled cuts to a program that provides counselling and school meals to the province’s most vulnerable students. The CommunityLINK fund will receive $48.6-million this year, down from $50.5-million last year.

It’s the latest in a round of aggressive cost-containment measures that has school officials wondering what will come next in what they are calling a funding crisis.

Already the province has cancelled maintenance grants to schools that totalled $110-million last year. Boards have been told to rely on an estimated $98-million in reserves – money that had been put aside for larger projects. The boards contend that money is already earmarked or spent, leaving needed projects in jeopardy.

Read the rest of Justine Hunter’s story at the Globe and Mail.

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