Freedom of the press, for those who own one

Malignant media disables our flow of news and information. Accordingly, most of us are skeptical of content. It is noise to which we give little consideration.

Nevertheless, fools pay attention.

In America, radio listeners dial in Beck, O’Reilly, or any of a surprisingly large contingent of hate mongers, including Limbaugh, the guy Wanda Sykes calls the 20th hijacker. In our town, Michael Campbell and Roy Green head a not-exhaustive list of radio nutbars.

I usually avoid CKNW in the mornings but poor sleep habits led to hearing Michael Campbell talk Dec 22/09. This was his nonsense:

Globalive is entering Canada’s cell phone landscape and the immediate impact of this increased competition is lower prices and more choice for all of us. All in the effort to win over customers and of course established companies are also going to react. All good, for consumers.

This is hardly a deep insight. I mean, prices and levels of services are always being adjusted in an effort by companies to get a leg up on the competition and win over customers. Now this would seem common sense and it’s often lost in our general debates.

Innovation of prices and services are a direct result of incentives and in the real world, the incentive is money. And in that search for financial reward, the customer comes first, when they have a choice. The only time they don’t come first is when we’re held captive by monopolies or semi-monopolies.

When customers are up for grabs or a company’s financial well-being is at stake, it doesn’t take long for someone to do it better, more effectively and improve the quality of service.

By the way, this reality seems to be lost when we discuss the impact of the HST. Way too often, I’ve heard that businesses won’t pass along the savings. That’s just nonsense and, in an effort to win over customers, you can bet those savings are going to be passed along and prices in those areas are going to come down. That’s just what’s about to happen in the cell phone business.

Does anyone need an explanation of this man’s foolishness? Thank you Michael but I would like to know why we pay the highest cell phone rates in the world and how one supplier, reluctantly added, will change things in any way. Perhaps a new player bought their way onto the stage, hoping to sell to a major.

With sophisticated knowledge, Campbell is a purposed bullshitter. His every message is implausible. While correct that a competitive economy would benefit all, why doesn’t he advocate for real competition in the marketplace? Instead, he yearns for privatized medicine and education, as if a richer doctor or a chi-chi school in Shawnigan Lake or West Vancouver is our greatest need. At least for that, he gains one more badge from his well-healed clientele.

Michael Campbell, like Premier Gordon, is an ideologue. Truth, even if it were a stinking fish slapping his face, would be unrecognized. Neither brother is a humanist. Sorry, Mom. They prefer dreamscapes to reality. I suspect the actual psychological diagnosis is worse but that’s a different story. Its enough to understand these people are moral criminals.

The stupidity of Michael’s 90-second comment is astounding. It shows that he understands nothing of ordinary life. He is attracted to the idea of impoverishing workers so their effort is less valued. Even more astounding is that this crap, and the hours of science denials recently offered by CKNW, is served regularly, without concern for balance, accuracy or sanity. M. Campbell, for whom Money Talks above other gods, joins those who care nothing about a whole society; he measures the world with commodity indices. 10,000 children might die in Angola, but, if the gold index rises, it is a good day.

CKNW is known for its self-serving, worthless crap. Listen to late night or weekend programing to hear about flying saucers or miracle cures for every ailment that troubles mankind. Do you recall how “Financial Expert” Michael Levy promoted junior companies of the OTC Bulletin Board or the TSX Venture Exchange? Or, at least he promoted those who paid $6,500 for the exposure?

As David Baines wrote, “The program frequently leads listeners and would-be investors into treacherous waters. Some of the featured companies are riddled with Howe Street promoters who have become embroiled in previous stock market scandals.” Not surprising, since the commentator had relations with embezzlers, others banned from BC markets and people linked with dubious business deals.

News you can trust? Not really. No, not at all.

Are you surprised?

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  1. Good stuff Norman…And when real estate tanks,and consumer spending falls and people by the tens of thousands are laid off(because of the HST)..

    Michael Campbell will state on the air that if we didn`t have the HST it would be worse.

    You see Norman, this is the newest form of lying…These “Paid” pundits will tell us things would be worse without the HST,and…It`s a statement that can`t be proven wrong…Our BC emissions rose this year…”They would of risen more without the carbon tax”…

    Or like what a caller said today on the cutting ledge with Palmer,Smyth and Baldrey..”Yes the BC Liberals ran a deficit but things would have been worse if the NDP were government”..

    Of course none of those three clowns gave a reasoned response to that comment.

    Michael Campbell…I turn him off



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