Vancouver 2010 Official Scalper

Someone stands to make millions, and allegedly, more than any other company in the events industry for the event. And he’s done it all with tactics that might be construed by some as bribery.

Oh well. C’est la vie.

Ticket monopoly brings one man big profit
By Christine Willmsen and Ron Judd, Seattle Times staff reporters

It’s a safe bet that few Americans headed north for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics have ever heard of a secretive New Jersey multimillionaire named Sead Dizdarevic.

But he’s very well-acquainted with their money.

You can’t buy an official ticket to the Games without ringing the cash register for Dizdarevic, a longtime Olympic insider who has spent tens of millions of dollars to become the official “hospitality provider” for February’s Games. His exclusive contracts give him a monopoly to sell tickets and hotel packages at steep markups in the United States.

In effect, Dizdarevic is the official ticket scalper for the 2010 Winter Olympics. . .

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