BC Liberals

Leadership race warming?

Victoria pundit Les Layne says,

“Before she became a very adroit politician, [Carole] Taylor was a veteran broadcaster. She never says anything by accident.”

B.C.’s Carole Taylor joins outcry against HST
By Justine Hunter, Tuesday’s Globe and Mail

Former B.C. finance minister Carole Taylor has joined the chorus of critics of the harmonized sales tax, adding to her successor’s woes Monday just as the government prepares to cut off debate on its tax legislation this week.

“This particular tax takes the tax off businesses – it takes $1.8-billion off of businesses – and puts it on consumers,” Ms. Taylor told a CTV News panel last week.

“But I think the bigger issue is that [Premier Gordon Campbell] promised that they would not – they would not – do the harmonization of the sales tax. And then right after the election, decided to do it.”

Her comments stand out because of her failure to offer support – or even sympathy – for Mr. Campbell, her onetime boss.

However, the Premier may be sending his own message via the Globe and Mail, using Gary Mason to tell BC, “I’m not going anywhere.

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  1. Norman,
    Very death knellish, but I see this as Taylor saying I don't want it. You don't stab every sitting BC Liberal MLA in the back on national television and then run for leader. I doubt she could get out of that caucus room with her botox intact these days.


  2. Strange though, is it not Ian? She is firmly in the lavishly comfortable class and her household benefits from reduced income taxes on high income earners. Not exactly a profile that fits those opposed to HST since the tax transfers almost $2 billion from consumers to business.

    I am intrigued, partly by her timing but more that she said this publicly at all. Maybe it is just a swipe at former colleagues she does not respect, or perhaps it is speaking to Liberal Party members. I don't think the present caucus cares about anything more than survival. If any of them believed in principle, we would not witness their absolute silence. Do any of them ever speak except to repeat party talking points or maybe welcome the Chamber of Commerce member visiting from the home riding?


  3. I think it is enough that Carole Taylor has said this publicly about old Gordo – the prince of lies and duplicity.

    It is strange just how much controversy and corruption (?) seem to be lingering around our so called leader – oops premier ! Certainly does not make for a good impression/reputation etc. world wide.

    As we all know – something is not right and I suspect it will out come out once the dirty linen gets washed in public – doubt there will be too much good information to support Campbell.



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