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Final solution

Item: Vancouver school year shortened 10 days to deal with a budget shortfall.

Item: Between the 2001–02 and 2008–09 school years, 176 public schools in BC have been closed, unprecedented in BC public school history. More schools are due for closure in coming years.

Item: BC Education Minister Dr. Margaret MacDiarmid announced that BC Liberals are planning a new strategy to resolve school funding problems permanently.

MacDiarmid said the plan involved  permanent and temporary public school closures and new homeschooling initiatives. Liberals expect that, with the public system sufficiently compromised, growth in private school enrollment will accelerate.  Dr. M added the new program was not actually a change in policy, saying, “Under BC Liberals, private schools have had ten years of unbroken growth and this now allows us to begin shutting down the public system, at least for all but the misfits unacceptable to private schools.”

In 2011, the academic year in public schools will be reduced to one week, during which children will be bused to regional schools to take standardized reading, writing and math tests and to pay school fees. Summer vacation and spring break will be extended to 51 weeks but parents will be actively encouraged to provide alternative home schooling.

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  1. Did Dr. Retardo MacDiarmid actually say?:

    Under BC Liberals, private schools have had ten years of unbroken growth and this now allows us to begin shutting down the public system, at least for all but the misfits unacceptable to private schools.

    I've always felt that the agenda of the gang in Victoria was to degrade the public health and public education system to the point where people wouldn't miss either anymore and come to feel that dying in the streets like a poor American would be an improvement – BUT, I hadn't heard one of the conspirators actually articulate the dream quite so clearly in public.


  2. Well now. If she didn't say it, she could have said it without being disingenuous, as Liberals mostly are.

    A trend line is valuable. Once it is established, take the trend to its logical conclusion. If that puts you in an absurd or uncomfortable place, the trend is unhealthy.


  3. Here is a question.

    Surrey(school district) has been operating at an approximate $15 million deficit for two years now. Please, correct me if I am wrong, for I occasionally am.

    We( Surrey parents) were recently handed a notice that said they(Surrey School district) are “considering”,(meaning we are going to do it anyways, but need to make it look like we care about what you really think) notice, that spells out the same cuts to class time as this current school year. Two week spring break, and extra long weekends in addition to all the regular ProD days.

    Now, the parents in Vancouver are pissed enough to picket Marg's office… and they are in a declining enrollment district.

    They get appointed a special snooper to see where the money has gone, and get a lot of BIG press coverage.

    Meanwhile, out here in Surrey, in one of the only INCREASING enrollment districts, we have nearly the same deficit, many more students, and yet nothing. Nothing.

    No big protests at Marg's office.

    Not much media coverage in the big two dailies.

    And not a hell of a lot of coverage other than a Canwest bloggers article on how there is millions being spent on our new district board office, with so many kids being left in limbo.

    Tell me why this is?

    Is it because there are so many people living here below the poverty line that no one pays attention?

    Or that a good portion of Cloverdale, South Surrey and Panorama are disgruntled Liberals that would rather stay silent than speak up for the CHARTER RIGHTS of their children to an education ?

    Or would it have more to do with our dear, injured mayor who is often touted as the next premier, Liberal in sheeps clothing-my-kids-go-to-a-private-school-NOT-public… who never seems to stand up for the needs of her constituents?

    Just saying.

    If I were mayor, I would certainly be speaking out for the needs of the children and families in my city. Education is the key to success for any economic demographic.Although with Liberals, I would say that qualification and competence are two totally seperate matters…lol…

    Her continued silence on the matter speaks loudly to me on her priorities as politician at any level, when clearly she is in a position to influence the choices of others.


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