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On Global TV’s noon news today, a BC Liberal shill explained that, since the government failed to register as an opponent of the HST Initiative Petition, they are limited in methods to convince the public that it should happily accept the transfer of billions from consumers to business. He said that Liberals are reduced to relying on social websites to spread their story instead of purchasing paid advertising from stations such as Global.

Global then proceeded to show videos, presumably prepared by the Public Affairs Bureau (PAB) at public expense.  Since Global could not show these videos as advertisements, they showed them as a news report. The Liberals also publish the videos at a government of BC website, HERE.  By the way, I sent an inquiry to Elections BC questioning the Liberal right to do this since they have already been told they could not publish and distribute pro-HST advertising.  How can this be acceptable when newspaper or flyer advertising is prohibited?

I did look at the videos, or at least most of them. There are 25 including only three featuring women. The people involved are the usual collection of suspects, Liberal friends and insiders, co-dependents with a financial interest in government policy or even employed by agencies the government finances.  There were no randomly selected representatives of consumers or spokespersons for consumer organizations. Again, taxpayers pick up the tab for publicizing the opinions of business and industry. This reminds me of the report of an Iranian father being told he would have to pay costs after security forces shot his son.

The BC Government presents, among others, videos from:

  • Colin Hansen, Finance Minister
  • Jack Mintz, Alberta consultant hired by Hansen to write a report supporting HST.
  • Jock Finlayson, Executive VP, Business Council of BC
  • Phil Hochstein, President of Independent Contractors and Businesses Association,
  • Rick Jeffery of Coast Forest Products Association
  • John Allan of the BC Lumber Trade Council
  • Pierre Gratton, CEO Mining Assoc of BC
  • John Winter, President BC Chamber of Commerce
  • Irmi Critcher, Vice Chair of The Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC
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  1. Although I agree with your assessment of this tricky advertising campaign, I also believe the only people who may read the site you refer to ARE LIBERALS wanting to see their face on video. These ads will never go viral. And yes, what a waste of public dollars.

    Guy F. ( in Victoria )


  2. I sent a note to FightHST.com about what I believe to be contravention of Elections BC requirement by the BC government. Bill Vander Zalm replied:

    Thanks Norman, a request has gone to Elections B.C. to get a ruling. We agree with you.
    Bill Vander Zalm


  3. It gets worse.

    The Canada Line is just shy of carrying 100,000 customers a day (roughly 46,000 in and 46,000 out), so big news releases and stories are carried on the Liberal media, including the Vancouver Sun, NW, and CTV (Channel 9). The real story is, despite spending $2.5 billion (unofficial) on a metro, it can carry only 100,000 passengers a day.

    We are the only city in the world that has built a metro so limited in capacity! In the real world, metros are only built to carry passenger loads in excess of 300,000 to 400,000 a day!

    But no one would ever guess that after reading the Sun or listening to Bill Good. But here is the other story glanced over by the Liberal media. TransLink doesn't give a number of new customers to the service, thus one assumes that most of the ridership on the Canada Line have first taken a bus and then funneled onto the metro!

    I guess everyone has forgotten Campbell's and Falcon's prediction that 200,000 car journeys a day will be taken off the road because of RAV.

    As with the HST fiasco, the Liberal media has perverted the truth so much that lies and deceit are now seen as truth. We have never been so close to 1984 as we are today.


  4. Good Work Norman! We must become loud now, our beautiful province and country deserve nothing less than fully transparent and responsible government, and they are not going to go there without us.


  5. Could any of the Point Grey voters that scurry to the Polls, time and time again, to re-elect the virtueous Mr. Campbell, please enlighten us all as to the tecniques that you employ spot if he is lying.
    I and many others subscribe to the Olde Theory that if a person is a Liar, that's simply it………. he/she is a Liar. Therefore anything said by that person is suspect.
    Please tell me I am wrong.

    Cheers, Gary L.


  6. As we approach the HST implementation day, there has been a sudden spike on the part of general contractors to have their clients pony up with their spending. Any material purchased before July 1, is exempt from HST.

    An additional 7% tax on material equates, in many cases to the purchasing power of the client. Why wait till after HST kicks in to buy those $7,000 appliances for the newly renovated bathroom when that SAME $7,000 will be going directly to Finance Minister Colin Hansen's coffers after July 1, 2010?


  7. Very low credibility bunch, pull the string and they will all say the same thing. None really represent small to medium sized BC based businesses like mine and will support Campbell no matter what. Much like lemmings they will follow him over the cliff. If they all realized that their workforce will be looking for higher wages due to the HST, they might think twice, but then any gains in paying less taxes to them is “ideologically” better regardless of whether it will dirive inflation or not. No original ideas there.


  8. I don't know any “ordinary” people who would even vaguely identify with this bunch. Let them do their thing. Every time they open their mouths – they annoy people even more and Fight HST collects more and more signatures.


  9. cherylb is right. When out canvassing the day after these bs adds come out there are many people who say they are just getting more pissed and want to sign.
    And for prople saying the NDP isn't doing enough,just look at what Carol James Isn't doing. And by not doing it she is allowing the Liberals to shoot themselves in the foot every time they open their mouths. Masterful.


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