A great conversation about BC politics

Guy Gentner, MLA for North Delta offers a two part podcast conversation with Glen Clark that is fascinating. The former Premier ranges broadly, largely avoids partisanship and is not defensive about his own time in government. He discusses issues of style and process and communication between government and citizens.

Clark admits he might not agree if he were still in politics but he recommends to potential politicians:

Don’t pay as much attention to party solidarity, don’t pay as much attention to the media. . . . At the end of the day, honesty and strong values is better politics than trying to wordsmith and weasel around issues to try to get elected. Politics of conviction is the right politics and the best politics that serves our democracy well. . . . Have strong convictions, don’t be afraid to say them because people will respect that in the end and, I think, you’ll respect yourself better at the end.

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