Harper Government

By their boots shall we know them

Take a close look at the upturned boot.

This is a brand new (? recently issued) very distinctive deep black colour combat boot. Note as at Montebello, the special thick heavy corrugated soles plus what appears to be some reinforcement of the upper forefoot area. Also note the mismatched black and white socks. Is this a recognition code to their uniformed colleagues? The nice heavy shiny new belt also appears to be part of a uniform.

Here is another ‘black bloc’ operative stomping on the roof of a Toronto Police car. Where are the police? He is obviously being “allowed” to trash the vehicle to create what will become the signature media images of the event – burning police cars in Toronto. But stamping on shattered glass and plastic is pretty hard on your shoes.

But his shoes can obviously take it because he is wearing the same brand new distinctive black combat boots as the Starbucks rock throwing provocateur above. Note the same thick soles with the deep corrugations visible in an enlargement as a scalloping of the front bottom outer edge of the uplifted left shoe.

Abandoned, unlocked police car with open fuel door, a mechanical sacrifice to the gods of unlimited police budgets? Anyone wonder if unit #766 was a beater ready for the boneyard anyway?

Read more written by Terry Burrows at Global Researcher, The Toronto G20 Riot Fraud

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  1. Norman,

    I've been waiting for — and hoping for — this revelation after watching the news coverage of the G20 (forget the G8) events.

    Disquieting things didn't add up. Huge error of omission: no coverage of peaceful demonstrations. None. And I was in a situation where I watched all the coverage: CBC and CTV.

    But once the mood changed, CTV went almost hysterical with on-the-street coverage of the window-smashing stuff, repeating certain scenes over and over.

    Glimpses only: 1) Naomi Klein with hand-held microphone, addressing the crowd – no audio; and 2) Judy Rebbick with hand-held microphone, addressing the crowd — no audio for her, either — although both women looked extremely worried. I'd like to know what they were saying. But no.

    We were allowed to hear a few comments from people being taken into custody and [gasp!] many were speaking French!

    I wondered too about those police cars left so unguarded that people could casually light them on fire.

    And the Toronto Chief of Police, Bill Blair, the guy who had been so convincing at the start of the gatherings, became invisible.

    As a grace note, a few days later (or was it hours later?), the Queen arrives in Toronto. As the advert says:

    Protection for G20 … $1 billion.
    Protection for elderly Queen … $4 million.
    Successful breach of security by senior citizen handing an ominous black bag to the Queen (the gift of a tea towel) … priceless.

    [Cue the cynical laughter] RCMP is looking into the breach of security.

    Meantime, a Canadian Armed Forces Recruiting Office in Trois-Riviere, Quebec is bomb-blasted to pieces … and barely noted.

    Thank heaven for Citizen Journalists and for blogger-world.

    BC Mary (on the road)


  2. Echo BC Mary's comment on the bloggersphere. Pale at acreativerevolution has some great posts and links on this.

    It seems obvious, from the lead up Nitrate Fertilizer scare, to the suspicious arrest of the Private Investigator guy with the weapons cache, that the fingerprints on this would lead to the PMO's Office and the top provincial decisionmakers.

    That the “presskit” presented to the MSM was swallowed whole is just as disturbing. Why where those cruisers abandoned by some 20,000 police in the heart of the Financial Distict for 1 1/2 hours? Who was that crew cut, incredibly fit, gortexed up the ying yang fellow on the cruiser, inciting property damage? Does he look like an anarchist to you? Why are the police and MSM not interested in who these people were?

    Noami Klein was amazing, you should search out her speech that day. Truth and inspiration. Thanks Norman!


  3. The evidence is circumstantial, but quite suspicious. Attentive Canadians know that in Montebello, agents provocateur were used. This is in the public record. Many strongly suspect that the same tactic was used by the authorities in Seattle,for the WTO meeting. In Toronto for the G20 the information provided in the photographs and videos is quite suggestive of police officers being the provocateurs.

    It would be so wonderful to get to the bottom of this. There is little chance that the main stream media will touch this I suppose. Those of us in the blog-sphere who suggest that there is an issue will undoubtedly be called conspiracy theorists.


  4. Thanks Mike. Most of my life I would be among the group calling out conspiracy theorists for imagining the impossible. No longer because I think there is enough real and circumstantial evidence to realize that security events have gone awry.

    We've never had enough funding budgeted to do comprehensive examinations of airline luggage, freight and catering supplies despite known risks and hundreds of innocents dead. Yet, we had a billion dollars for G20 security and a billion dollars to protect VIPs at the 2010 Olympics. Tell me, when did a VIP last come to harm in Canada through actions of demonstrators?


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