BC Ferries

Are we there yet?

Remember that BC Liberals promised us a rose garden. The pain-free HST would amp up the economy, create thousands of new jobs and lower prices through elimination of cascading taxes, greater business efficiency and reduced bureaucracy. I’ll allow that it has barely been four weeks but has anyone noticed any price reductions?

A friend sent a note that demonstrates a price outcome slightly different than that promised by Assistant Chief Fustilarian Colin Hansen:

Just thought you might be interested in another example of the bs about the HST having a positive effect for business.

Before HST, the SeaWest Lounge was $10.00 to enter when traveling [by BC Ferries] between Schwartz Bay and Tsawwassen.

I just paid $12 and the person behind the counter said, well, it was going to cost $10.70 so I guess they just took the opportunity to raise the fee!!!!!!

I suppose it is win-some, lose-some for consumers. The Vancouver newspapers assured us that businesses would pass through saving through elimination of the old retail sales tax so at least those prices went down. Right? No, the single issue price went up 25%. What a surprise.

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  1. I always thought the “Sea Lounge” premium seats concept was a cash grab and your item just confirms this.

    The last time I was on a ferry, I thought the service was dreadful, the food off, and the employees rude, so it will be always the 'cheap seats' with the great unwashed in the future.


  2. Of course, if you drop the name JAWL into the FRPC system, it reports $13,800 in donations to one political party.

    Anyone, care to guess which political party?

    Let's put campaign finance reform high on the list of necessities. It is time to review the positions taken by NDP, Greens and Conservatives. Do they desire a change or just want to load their own pockets with booty.


  3. I second your motion Norman. Lobbying needs to be revisited too, as well as the ability of the corporation to sue governments for governing. I have no doubt that the plan is to announce next year how badly BC Ferries is losing money, and how we need to sell it to the private sector. (Substitute Ferries with Hydro and Healthcare and education, same result) Crisis creation, 101.


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