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Global News and stealth advertising

Has anyone noticed that Global TV’s Brian Coxford, formerly an award winning investigative newsman, is now doing infomercials in his reports for the News Hour?  Finished the recent series for Kevin Falcon and private healthcare providers, Coxford is now putting roofing materials under scrutiny.

I watched News Hour Final expecting to learn about a small forest fire near North Vancouver’s Northlands Golf Course, a few kilometers from home. Instead, we were treated to a story that mentioned the fire but switched almost immediately to become a segment on roofing material choices, complete with a torch wielding demonstration by the head of Penfold’s. Ken Mayhew, the biggest advertiser in the local roofing business, was promoting their ‘EcoRoof’ product. It’s called stealth advertising.

I wonder what it costs for a three minute infomercial on BC’s highest rated newscast. I suppose that Global has high standards and doesn’t do news-like material for advertisers cheaply. This is, after all, Canada’s third largest market and Global is not like some small-market plodder trying to make ends meet.

Seriously though, this bunch has truly lost the direction that once classed it among the best local news operations in North America.

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  1. When I do watch Global BC TV News I usually turn it off within 6 or 7 minutes as it quickly devolves into reading press releases for the BC Libs, pushing the latest cause for some taxpayer funded rent seekers or showing pictures something that is not newsworthy while reading a script.

    Global viewers get very little real news that is not shot through a PC filter and Campbell friendly.

    Journalism? I think not.


  2. For all I know, Penfolds might be a fine company. When I needed a new roof, I got a quote from them that was two and a half times the sum ultimately paid to a small roofing crew recommended by a trusted building contractor. First I spent time learning about products and installers at Cedar Grove Roofing Supply, BC's largest distributor.

    Shop around and check references thoroughly. Small building contractors know the good people.


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