Neverending stories never end, chapter n+1

From the Ottawa Citizen, September 2009:

The RCMP paid a firm in Arizona more than $44,000 for “executive coaching” and other training for its top official, Commissioner William Elliott, as part of ongoing efforts to improve accountability in the force.

Elliott spent three days in Scottsdale in July for development of a “leadership action plan” with Malandro Communication, the same company the Royal Canadian Mounted Police intends to hire on a $220,000 contract to coach senior executives in leadership and accountability. . .

Sources tell us his golf handicap improved from 36 to 32.

July 27, 2010 Update

From The Toronto Star, RCMP chief under fire from senior officers:

The Prime Minister’s Office admits it has received complaints from senior RCMP members about Commissioner William Elliott allegedly being verbally abusive, close-minded, arrogant and insulting.

The complainants include some of the force’s top officers, including deputy commissioners Tim Killam and Raf Souccar, the CBC reported Monday evening.

Perhaps Kommissar Elliott needs another three-day $44,000 golf weekend in Arizona. The first executive coaching session on leadership seems not to have worked.

July 28, 2010 Update
Elliott said the pace of change within the RCMP was responsible for making people uncomfortable but, according to the Toronto Star, that comment infuriated officers who spoke to the newspaper. One source said:

There is supposed to be zero tolerance in the RCMP for managers who harass their subordinates and yet Elliott epitomized the bully boss.

The Conservatives hope an investigation will provide a way out of the potentially explosive mess. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said:

We are doing an analysis to see whether these concerns are merited, and if they are, what we do in respect of them.

Government said an independent adviser, not yet chosen, will conduct an assessment but that report will not be made public. Instead, it will be stored in the room for inactive files at the public archives, joining Justice McDonald’s Commission Report,  David Brown’s report on RCMP governance A Matter of Trust, Justice Major’s Air India Report and countless pleas from former CPC Commissioner Paul Kennedy for changes in RCMP governance.

Toews told reporters that, since it is not yet 30 years since Justice McDonald’s report, and little more than three years from Brown’s report, it is premature to think government will soon embark on unplanned, haphazard changes to the national police force. Toews said:

“Conservatives are considering appointing a commission to review commission appointments and, until that measure is taken, Prime Minister Harper is not certain whether or not reports already on file should be read. There is a possibility that some information may be out of date and, besides,  the reports are awfully long and nobody bothered to highlight the good parts. However, we know our duty and do it well. We will look like we’re doing something, even while we’re doing nothing.” 

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  1. Looks like Mr. Elliott learned the methods/ways/attitudes of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Intended or not.

    The last thing we need to do is waste another 44 grand here! Let's start cleaning up our Canadian mess instead – fire Mr. Elliott. Followed by Mr. Bass.


  2. Hi Norman,
    I enjoy your site for your objective of getting to the truth. I have a concern regarding the 'trashing' of the police cars at the Toronto G20. Legitimate Ford Crown Victoria police cars have a metal plate just right of the left taillight which identifies the vehicle as a “police interceptor”. None of the vehicles being 'trashed' in the videos I have seen, have this identifier on them. I suspect these were junkyard vehicles 'dolled' up to resemble police cars and deliberately left as bait for vandals. When the vandalism didn't occur I think the police sent in 'agent provocateurs' to get the vandalism started. Do you think this has any merit?
    Ron Wilton


  3. Yeah, unfortunately, it does and that explains why the feds and Ontario don't want a real examination. Treasury Boards wouldn't like spending $1 billion dollars to secure an event if something newsworthy didn't occur. A billion is the new benchmark. I expect Britain is likely to spend five times that for the next Olympics because they have threats of significance instead of a few wastrel pretend-anarchists and suburban party boys.


  4. Norman, I have no hope that the RCMP is capable of reforming itself. It is full of rot. Loyalty amongst the top brass is demanded and you are not let in unless you are a blood brother. Controlling and secretive is not a recipe for good management. Witness the way they handle any sort of crises with the general public? All lies, supported from above. Exactly the type of style that Harper commands.

    Really makes me sick as a Canadian that the RCMP have reduced themselves to taser happy thugs….


  5. I too think the cruiser vandalism was staged, otherwise why did 200+ cops stand around and watch? Just like the agents provcateurs at Montebello, they have to make their own trouble to justify their star wars gear, budget and very existence. However as to:

    I expect Britain is likely to spend five times that for the next Olympics because they have threats of significance instead of a few wastrel pretend-anarchists and suburban party boys.

    London and Pittsburgh each held recent G8s or G20s and neither one had a security budget over even 100 million (Pittsburgh about 30 mil) and now the UK has a hard core “austerity” program – though I do realize that right wing whacko governments never feel war or law and order is an appropriate place to make cuts. Military, law enforcement and prisons all are higher priority to these guys than healthcare, education or any social program under the sun not involving violence.

    It can only be understood as Harper setting up and equipping for the police state he is planning to establish (while the census is too coercive and intrusive – jeeeeeeeez).

    By the way those in favor of dropping the mandatory long form make a big deal out of 21,000 respondents claiming to be Jedi Knights. Well personally, I find the code of the Jedi Knight and their “cosmology” etc. a lot more logical and morally robust than whatever it is that Stockwell Day believes in – a Jedi Knight knows that the earth (universe) is older than six thousand years and doesn't consider the Bible literal history. I would be more likely to call myself a Jedi Knight than a member of the Canadian Taliban like “Doris” Day. But he can believe anything he wants. I want the government to have access to accurate data, whether they actually use it to make informed policy decisions or not is a whole 'nuther matter!


  6. I thought some time back I read, the RCMP's contract, would not be renewed in BC. They have destroyed their image, and credibility. Many people have said, they no longer want the RCMP, as an icon for Canada, they had lost that right, through their bad conduct. However, they would be perfect for, Harper's police state, he could take them to the east. This country is corrupt to the core. Corruption and greed, is what governs this country.


  7. The British Columbia government intends to renew the RCMP contract and have taken no steps for alternative policing in the immediate future. According to Kash Heed, BC's former Solicitor General, the province is demanding improved oversight and accountability for RCMP, rules that would be equivalent to those guiding other BC police services. The new contract may allow BC to cancel if RCMP governance problems continue.

    You are correct that corruption is worse in Canada than other advanced democracies. Read Northern Insights articles labeled 'Amir Attaran' for more. Attaran, Professor of International Law at U of Ottawa, says Canadian laws against corruption are weak, by design.


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