The not so genteel face of prejudice

Joseph Brean, National Post, August 15

Paul Fromm’s efforts to rouse public opinion against the Tamil migrant ship began last month from his home in Ontario, with impassioned messages posted to, the Florida-based neo-Nazi website of which he is a “sustaining member” and radio host.

It continued last week in Calgary, when he led a group of Aryan Guard skinheads to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s constituency office, and so terrified the receptionist that she locked the door and would not accept Mr. Fromm’s delivery of a letter until police arrived.

But for Canada’s best known racist agitator, things did not really get going until he reached the Pacific shore at Esquimalt, B.C., on Saturday, where the boat was docked.

There, accompanied by Doug Christie — famous as the go-to civil liberties lawyer for every top Canadian racist of the last 30 years — Mr. Fromm got himself front and centre on the national weekend news, flanked by his small group of two dozen protesters.

Mr. Fromm, whose license to teach high school in Ontario was revoked in 2007 for his activism against non-white immigration and ties to groups like the defunct neo-Nazi Heritage Front, appeared in reports by three major news outlets, identified only as the leader of a group called “Canada First,” or “Canada First Immigration Reform Committee.”

“If we do need immigrants, the public opinion polls show that the majority of Canadians don’t want the ethnic balance upset,” Mr. Fromm said, according to the Toronto Star story…

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