Consumer action on HST

HST shifts cash from pockets of individuals to coffers of business. Lack of competition and world prices guarantee that tax savings will increase business profitability. Mega-corporations shelter money in overseas havens while small business and consumers pay tax without relief. Big business enjoys our nation’s privileges. They should pay a fair share. Repeal HST and restore fairness to the British Columbia tax system.

A few experienced BC bloggers support the immediate withdrawal of HST and believe the people have already spoken clearly. The initiative that gathered signatures in every riding of the province was successful but a representative of Gordon Campbell’s government sidelined the measure. We must demonstrate that BC Liberals cannot continue to ignore the clear will of its citizens.

This week a coalition of big business groups who have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the B.C. Liberal Party will be in B.C. Supreme Court in a legal action that could invalidate the Fight HST citizens initiative petition signed by 705,643 voters.

Corporations actively work to oppress public sentiment and encourage the government that imposes HST without voter mandate. They includes the Council of Forest Industries, the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association, the Mining Association of B.C., the B.C. Chamber of Commerce, the Coast Forest Products Association and the Western Convenience Stores Association.

We invite citizens to withdraw from business dealings with those who encourage BC Liberals taxation policies. Most of the large corporations of this province are financing court action in opposition to the citizens’ initiative. Every member of the BC Chamber of Commerce and its affiliates must feel the economic wrath of consumers through boycott.

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  1. Well, we did it Norman! Or I should say, you did it..lol.. how you managed to set that all up so fast was amazing!

    Well done, and yes, I am working on a better list. lol


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