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  1. Hi Norman – keep up the good work.

    Every citizen of this province needs to get involved in this. I've just sent the following letter to the editors at The Vancouver Sun, The province, The Times-Colonist, and the globe and Mail. I hope one of them can have the balls to be our Washington Post, but if the past seven years are any indication, citizens are going to need to do this themselves. We need a Deep Throat, though – do you think there is any chance to get Basi or Virk to spill the beans?

    Warren White

    …letter to the editor….

    People of BC:

    For those of us old enough to remember, this whole sordid BC Rail affair is eerily reminiscent of another country’s descent in to a near-collapse of democracy and the rule of law.


    Richard Nixon’s trail of dirty tricks, payoffs, slush funds and cover-ups.

    Prosecution of the puppets, not the puppet-masters.

    This is what has become of our once-proud democratic institutions.

    Where are OUR Woodward and Bernstein?

    Where is OUR Washington Post?


    Warren White
    Gordon Head, Victoria


  2. Bill Good misinformed or spreading misinformation?? Picture was shown of Basi residence (however, Bill Good stated that Province had mortgage on another property.) But…. title search by West Coast Title Search shows borrower (mortgagor) as Udhe David Basi at 5064 Cambria Wood Terrace, Victoria, BC – lender Her Majesty the Queen Right of the Province of BC: represented by the Attorney General, Parliament Buildings Victoria. Ditto for wife Inderjit Kaur Basi (as to undivided 1/2 interest in said property.) All 35 pages can be down loaded from the Globe & Mail (Oct 22 edition) Mark Hume article: BC Developer fined over BC Rail Probe (side bar to article).
    Value of Home 2010 Assessment Roll Report is $857,000. Cambria Wood Terrace is an upscale neighbourhood. None of the homes look like the old bungalow which was shown on TV today to be the other property on which the mortgage is held. Wish I could remember the Channel and time (early in the day). Misinformation or a big lie and a picture on TV and documents to prove it!!!!!


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