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More gifts by the Attorney General?

Has the BC Government also agreed to look after income tax accruing to Basi and Virk after their former employer paid $6 million in personal legal bills?  That could add more millions to the cost of the BC Rail scandals.

Rob Shaw in the Times Colonist tells us about another shoe set to drop in the courtroom of Justice Anne MacKenzie:

Shambrook Hills Development Corporation — also known as Sunriver Estates — has been indicted on one count of paying a $50,000 bribe to former government official Dave Basi, in connection with an application to the ALR.

The alleged offence against Sunriver Estates — which falls under the criminal-code category of fraud on government — occurred between January 2002 and September 2003, according to the indictment.

Friday’s hearing in a Vancouver B.C. Supreme Court is scheduled as a guilty plea and sentencing in front of Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie, the court confirmed.

Developers Tony Young and Jim Duncan, of Shambrook Hills, were originally charged with allegations that they paid government officials benefits to help exercise influence over the ALR’s decision to allow the land to be removed.

A new indictment was released Thursday, mentioning the entire company of Shambrook Hills Development Corp.

Young and Duncan — longtime developers in Victoria — were not mentioned, and it is unclear whether those charges are proceeding.

I suppose we can assume that another government embarrassment is being made to disappear. I wonder what Young and Duncan gain in the deal. Are charges against them personally dropped? Is the BC Government paying their legal costs?

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