Recognizing a deserving citizen journalist

Monday night, I left this comment at The Legislature Raids, a website by BC Mary (AKA Mary Mackie).

Campbell will be the first major Canadian politician chased from office by a citizen’s posse of unpaid bloggers. It is not the traditional media folks who demonstrated BC Liberal faults to the citizens. Most of those folks spent their time trying to minimize and ridicule the efforts of the volunteer writers who have been fighting for the public interest. The war is not over yet but the outcome is now clear.

Mary, you probably have the most time on the front and deserve our applause.

Starting in May 2006, Mary took on the issue of BC Liberal corruption, specifically relating to the sale of BC Rail and RCMP warnings about organized crime infiltrating government. She never let the matters drop, despite the fact she earned no compensation or even expense reimbursement. She acted as a model citizen, motivated by belief that British Columbia was in the hands of unscrupulous politicians.

She was the bravest soul around, ridiculed by professional pundits who earned fat salaries for promoting the BC Liberals. Worst of those were the mainstream “journalists” (hello again Mssrs. Palmer, Baldry and Good) who were pocketing speaker fees from corporate supporters of Gordon Campbell while they disparaged honest writers raising in the blogosphere public issues ignored by the captured media.

In Mary’s first ever post, she revealed the attitude of timid media people. This quote by Mary explains much:

“The topic is too radio-active to touch,” one Sun reporter told me.

Campbell is leaving for many reasons but the single largest issue with the public – although, not the media – is the corrupt BC Rail sale and the final act to purchase silence and end the court case that would have provided answers.

Mary Mackie kept alive the examination of political corruption in British Columbia. For her diligence and sustained effort to protect the public interest she deserves appointment to the Order of Canada. I invite readers to submit a nomination to the Governor General using the forms found HERE.

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  1. Mind how you go on that and remember the expression “Feet of Clay”
    Having said that I too, have stood in support of Mary Mackie's tireless efforts to shed light of the litany of corruptions in BC politics.
    Ms Mackie uses a heavy hand when it comes to comments on “her” site.
    She has been known to shut down comments not yo her liking. That does not constitute balance.


  2. Have to agree with 8:56 Mary did a great job of keeping interest in the BC Rail political scandal alive. She did not fare well demonstrating the accountability and transparency traits she demanded of others when it came time to deal with commentors on “her” blog though. I think this diminished her in my eyes as much as I appreciated her service to the public. Having said that I hope she keeps up the blog.


  3. Norman,

    I've been slow, keeping caught up with recent events and many wonderful comments … so it's only tonight, Nov. 4, that I saw this post. How generous of you! And how welcome!

    That's very generous applause you've given me … and it's like an energizer. Thank you … and thanks again.

    I think it was Laila who made a remark which I heartily endorse, to the effect that we bloggers have worked easily together toward the common good, with some spectacular results … which, in itself, is a gift of heroic proportions.

    Let's hope we've entered the “post-partisan” era in British Columbia public life.

    Thanks for making this a happier day for me, Norm. Best wishes.


  4. Contrary to what is said on the Bill Good Show, bloggers do not operate in anonymity. We cannot allow defamation of others by publishing careless statements of our own or in readers' comments. I exercise great care in publishing words that might disparage another person, particularly if I do not have first hand knowledge.

    I admit to a lower threshold of concern for protecting certain people from negative remarks. Those such as politicians, senior civil servants and managers who choose to be in the public eye are not entitled to the same protection as private citizens.

    If Mary or I are to be criticized for disallowing comments, one would have to know the entire circumstances. Different bloggers exercise different standards but I expect conversations to be civil and most easily meet that standard on Northern Insights. Additionally, I have no interest in castigating undeserving people.

    Remember this blogging activity is not commercial; there are no revenues to pay lawyers.


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