BC Liberals

The people spoke

Please, preserve the evidence.

Does Paul Taylor now get another six figure handshake and goodbye?

Campbell’s pending departure is a major story because it demonstrates there is a new game today when it comes to information distribution. We’ve had non-stop promotion of Campbell and his party by the major media players in tv and radio broadcasting and newspapers. The publicly funded spin machine known as PAB spends near $3 million a month singing the praises of the Liberal government and the Fraser Institute tosses another $1 million each month trying to influence public opinion.

Despite the weight of that propaganda effort, voices of the unpaid independent opposition have been speaking loudly. Citizens hungry for alternative viewpoints are turning to online writers. Those of us blogging regularly about BC politics see the growing interest with every passing week as traffic counts soar. Media folks cry because they see their monopoly on commentary in the public forum crumbling.

Despite most of the mainstream media working to rehabilitate Gordon Campbell and his government, the vast majority of citizens recognized obvious corruption. Now, the effort will begin to blame ‘misunderstanding’ of HST as the cause of Liberal difficulty. They will try to leave the remaining issues untouched, especially politicization of the justice system.

In my view, disposition of the Basi/Virk BC Rail corruption trial was the final straw. Citizens were so angered by the outcome that local MLAs were stunned. They knew that a Premier scoring below 10% in approval ratings was leading a government that would be removed through recall. The backbenchers and party members, after sitting on their hands like idiots, finally rebelled and even Gordon Campbell’s allies knew that continued close scrutiny would reveal additional scandals. Despite the scandals associated with the BC Rail sale, which he largely ignored, Vancouver Sun pundit Vaughn Palmer said today:

Gordon Campbell was driven out of office prematurely because of a very badly conceived tax.

Wrong again, Mr. Palmer. HST is only part of the story and not the worst part. It is not coincidence that brown envelopes are sliding under the doorways of independent journalists. Evidence from insiders has begun to flow and more hidden issues will soon surface. Corruption in public/private partnerships involving transportation is only the beginning. More is coming and Campbell’s decision to leave is out of fear that truth will out. The party’s puppet-masters believe the Premier’s departure may be enough to quiet the citizens and keep the scandals from spreading.

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  1. Your commentary on events is well put….always enjoy reading your take on current happenings!!! Newspaper efforts and other political cohorts point to Campbell's poor sale of the HST as issue that provoked his downfall. I hope more truthfulness comes out from MSM in future regarding Campbell's actions that 'were not in the best interest of the citizens of BC' — sell out of public assets!!! The BC Rail trials abrupt conclusion – denying citizens of full accounting of events plus the millions of dollars payout for guilty pleas does not pass the smell test. Preauthorized secret BC Hydro contracts for IPP's – also does not pass muster. This is but a partial list of items that have earned the distrust and loathing of many informed citizens.


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