AGT shames the MSM

Alex Tsakumis throws a high, hard strike on the inside corner:

“And now a word to those in the media, who are busily wiping Gordon Campbell’s tears: Shame on you. Are you members of the media, or are you auditioning for ‘Entertainment Tonight’?? The shameless drivel of the last day is astounding, if not sickening. Storied reporters who wear the ‘Webster Award’ designation like a badge of courage, asking ridiculous, soft ball questions earlier today at the Premier’s presser. Commentators bitching about the “nastiness” of some bloggers or pundits

What rubbish.”

It made me think of that moment in Campbell’s press conference when, anxious for another friendly soft ball, he searched the crowd of reporters for Gary Mason. Of course, Mason promptly complied.

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  1. A very true comment about the MSM in this Province. The good thing, I believe more & more people feel the same way and are discussed with the current bunch who claim to be journalist.

    Guy in Victoria


  2. I sincerely hope a journalist of some integtity,which we have plenty of except of course in the msm now takes the time and effort to write the definitive book on campbell and the horrific, vicious dictatorial regime he inflicted on the people of bc. something along the line of stevie camerons work.


  3. Alex Tsakumis throws a high, hard strike on the inside corner:

    Obviously AGT missed with this pitch, because unless it is about one of his idols like Stephen
    Harper, Lyin' Brian, Laura Bush, Repug Senator Tom Coburn, and Rex Murphy, he usually throws beanballs. He was correct in his assessment of our local media with that quote, but then even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

    I refuse to link to his site (I read it myself, though I often feel the need to take a shower after a dip into his bile laced hate filled screeds at Rubbish without a Pause).

    He's a johnny come lately to the Basi-Virk issue, but immediately began considering himself the “expert” on all things BBV. Of course the trademarks of his style are the insulting tone, the non-relevance of facts and his awesome store of arrogance – (King of the Bloggers – right)

    In the comment thread of the very same post from
    which you took the quote above he not only disparages Laila Yuile, but actually calls BC Mary a “rabid idiot.” Of course what would one expect from someone who considers Glenn Beck one the the best journalists working in America.

    Old AGT wouldn't even mind Gordon Muir Campbell, if it wasn't for the fact that even he could understand that Gordo was going to destroy the BC liaR coalition that Alex loves and would like to be part of (though federally he is a Con – but then aren't the BC liaRs?)

    No Norm, there's many others who criticize the media with more accuracy and command of the fact including yourself and Harvey (who is really missing out on some “interesting times.”


  4. Koot,
    I can't help but echo your comments about AGT as a human being …but, at the same time, he's got Campbell's current tactic, and the fact that Gordo is now a toxic 'tar baby' for the whole BC Liberal 'brand' pretty much to a fare thee well.

    I'd drop a comment about 'useful idiots' except for the fact that I think the originator of that 'idea' had a lot of baggage of his own.

    Thanks Norman for pointing out Tsakumis's column in any case.


  5. At Northern Insights, I prefer we consider and appreciate all contributions with a minimum of personal accusations and recriminations. Those don't add to worthwhile conversation, especially when the people involved usually raise excellent issues. We don't have to agree with each other on all issues but we might learn by paying attention.


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