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Bill Bennett out

Shall we assume that Gordon and Colin are not following advice written last night at In-Sights? Second Assistant Minister of Dirt Bill Bennett today was tossed from Gordon Campbell’s Cabinet. This is a decision the Premier is not claiming as his own. Unlike HST or the $2 billion tax cut, he says this was a collective choice of all Ministers. Sure.

Deputy Premier Hansen says, with faux excitement, the leadership campaign will allow Liberals to explore new directions and new policies. However, he notes that candidates from Cabinet had better not vary from old directions and old policies. Kevin Falcon says this is not a problem; he doesn’t have any new ideas. George Abbot is not so sure. The dynamic Education Minister, third in that important position during the past 17 months, intends to resign Cabinet if he runs for leader. He will decide next March.

Hansen claimed that Bennett was the only person in Cabinet troubled by Campbell staying on. He talks about traditions of solidarity and cabinet confidentiality. However, he does not understand the principles. For example, if Hansen believes that all Cabinet discussions are confidential, why does he claim that Bennett was the only Minister troubled by Campbell’s personal decision to stay in office.  Isn’t that confidential?

Tradition requires that solidarity is maintained for all decisions of Cabinet. Bennett was fired not for arguing with a Cabinet decision but for suggesting that Campbell’s continuation would constrain leadership candidates. Kevin Falcon expressed the opposite thought.  Neither was disputing a Cabinet decision.

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  1. Huggies is only showing the depths of his Gordo boot-licking gambit. And as Norm points out, his misunderstanding of, or disregard of, if not contempt of, Cabinet and its rules.

    But, Bennett is, for now, at least, the old (former) Cabinet member who is NOT a Gordo boot-licker (Huggies is Gordo boot-licker Number One).


  2. No one believes anything Hansen says. He is Campbell's propaganda robot. Campbell winds Hansen up, and, then the lies begin. Campbell doesn't even have the guts, to even be there, let alone do his own dirty work. If you think Bennett, can't stand Campbell and Hansen's BS. The citizens of BC, despise them and everything they stand for. Campbell and Hansen's lies, deceit and cheating to win, is beneath contempt. Most of the decent BC people, were brought up and taught, what the BC Liberals are doing, is very wrong and evil. We must hope, there will be enough recalls, to eradicate the BC Liberal party.


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