Campbell’s style: bullying and disrespect

Today, Bill Bennett publicly confirmed a fact that many observers and commentators have known for years. In Bennett’s words, “Gordon Campbell is not a nice person. He has a terrible temper.” He went on to describe a bully who leads by intimidation and recounted an early experience of his own in caucus.

After a retreat of Liberal members, Bennett dared state that the retreat had been disappointingly unproductive for backbenchers. He says Campbell was so angered by the simple criticism that he went into close-talker mode and berated the elected member so vigorously that he spat in Bennett’s face.

Bennett says good people such as Carol Taylor and Olga Ilitch were driven out by abuse:

“He can run on me, I’m a tough guy, I can take it. But I’ve seen him do it to other people in caucus, you have almost a battered wife syndrome inside our caucus today, inside our cabinet, it’s really sad and all the man has to do to give the B.C. Liberal party a chance to renew itself is to leave.”

Bennett also made it clear that Colin Hansen was not truthful (again!) when he stated today that Cabinet decided to ask for a resignation. Bennett said that the Premier had a party waiting for him as soon as he arrived for the beginning of the Cabinet session. The decision had already been made by the Premier. Besides, Cabinet has no constitutional authority to appoint or remove ministers, only the first minister has that power.

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  1. Now we know why his 'wife' is living by herself, has to run when beckoned, and has not divorced the bastard. You hit the nail on the head, 'battered wife syndrome'.
    When grown men allow themselves to be treated in this manner, the only thing that I can ask is, 'what the hell is he holding over their heads?
    Are they completely brainwashed or is their something else, something really sinister that is keeping these sheep 'goose stepping' to this little boy.
    It is hard for me to believe that Gordo can walk into a room where quite easily he could be rendered impotent, and yet . . . . . . .
    What nefarious evil lies in the DARK SIDE?


  2. It always puzzled me as to how this man got himself re-elected 3 times. How can you vote for him or any in his party knowing that he is a liar, hides from the truth, is corrupt to the core (and no problem being so) and a puppy-kicker.? He just does not care for people and our standard of living within BC. Seems the people of BC got what they wanted. But hey, don't take offence, it's just business.


  3. How did he get elected 3 times? How about a media that serves the prosperous, not the ordinary. Also, a propaganda agency (PAB) that is the largest information handler in the province and industry associations that spend huge sums selling their agenda. Also “think tanks” such as the Fraser Institute trying to convince everyone the government should be de-funded and every public service privatized, including education, healthcare, policing and national security.

    The Liberal government and their allies in big business causes a tidal wave of information to bathe citizens in their particular points of view. As I've written elsewhere in this blog recently, now they are moving to take control of the Internet so they can monitor everything done electronically, including Internet blogs, emails and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

    Tiny sources of opposition such as this one are like corks floating in a rough sea, seen occasionally but with little real effect on anything.

    However, from tiny seeds grow great trees. Good bloggers are trying to plant seeds.


  4. Controlling the internet? I had three brothers, two brothers-in-law and a sister, in the armed services, during WW11. Our young service men and women, were blown to bits, so we wouldn't have Fascism, Communism nor dictatorship in our country. And what do we have? Harper and Campbell, who actually had the gall to go to Holland, for services for our boys. My brother said, the condition of the Dutch people, broke his heart. Holland, loved our Canadian boys. We still keep in touch with some of people my brother met over there, right to the 2nd generation, and we will keep on to the third generation. I don't know if Canada is Fascist or Communist. It sure in the hell isn't democratic Canada anymore. The evil of Gordon Campbell, is so disgusting, I can't even stand the sight of his face on TV.


  5. Campbell was elected, by the lie, the BCR wasn't for sale. The lie, the HST wasn't on Campbell and Hansen's radar. Hansen admitted the HST papers were on his desk, long before the election. Politicians are in a position of trust, which they abuse. Campbell, Hansen, De Jong and the BC Liberal government, are the most corrupt and evil party in Canada. The BC Liberal party is built on, lies, deceit, broken promises, corruption, theft, arrogance and everything rotten in the book. Decent people don't lie like they do. Good people think, the spoken or written, word is your honor. However, we have learned, there is nothing honorable, about the BC Liberals. Hence, everything they say, is automatically deemed a lie.


  6. Campbell's ugly disposition, is seen by all. Anyone opposing him, find themselves out of a job. Don't even think, the BC people don't see his petty, pre-juvenile snits. Campbell is the worst disgrace, this province has ever known. Nancy makes her obligatory appearances, for the sake of her children. I am sorry for Nancy and her children. No decent father or husband, would even think about, putting their family through such disgrace. However, Campbell is too full of, hate, spite, malice, and so vindictive, if his family suffers, that's just too bad for them. His revenge, is always at the foremost, and, nothing takes him away from his tantrums. Not his family, nor, what's best for the province and the people in it.


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