Pernicious solar flare

Sun Stenographer Jonathan Fowlie provides Campbell absent when Bill Bennett given the axe:

“Premier Gordon Campbell was absent from the cabinet room this morning when Bill Bennett was asked to step down as energy minister, The Vancouver Sun has learned.”

Was Campbell in the room when they cut off Bennett’s telephone, computer access and government credit cards? Those things occurred before the Cabinet Meeting started. Who made the decision to fire Bennett and when was it made?

Fowlie tells the government story but does not bother with the whole truth. His is a story intended to mislead.

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  1. gordo was in the room and when Bennett arrived gordo left,those were the words of Bennett when he was asked by the press,jonathan is truly fowl with his spin on a story just the facts jonny boy the facts keep your opinion in the op eds and sign them, we've had enough of you and the rest of them and can see clearly through the scat your spreading,man don't they ever give up! busted,yet again!


  2. Norm:

    Great question (as usual).

    The real story is that Bennett's cell, email access and credit card were cut off PRIOR to his arrival to the Cabinet meeting. The Premier left the room as Bennett was coming in. It was clearly pre-planned.

    The Premier's signature was on the Order in Council rescinding the appointment of Bennett as Energy Minister.

    It was a charade.


  3. I will say again, the Cabinet CANNOT fire anyone, only the Premier has the legal authority to remove anyone from Cabinet. Sean Leslie has said this on CKNW, as well as numerous other people who are not just PR staff for the LIEberals.

    I think you may be insulting stenographers, Norm, when you said “Sun Stenographer Jonathan Fowlie”.

    hmmm, maybe I am insulting PR staff…


  4. Campbell's signature is on Order in Council 700 (Nov 17, 2010) I'm sure the Sun subscribes to QPLegaleze so Fowlie can check the facts himself.

    I'll see if I can provide a pdf for you later Norman.


  5. What great day in the morning, have we ever seen Campbell, do his own dirty work. BC people knew, Bennett would get a vendetta from Campbell, and, henchman Hansen would enforce it. As for Campbell's resignation, we knew he was too full of, hate, spite, malice and far too vindictive to just quit. His ugly disposition to-wards his ministers, is of no surprise what so ever. He is so evil, he refuses to ease the plight of BC's children living in poverty. His disgusting minimum wage, starting at $6.00 per hour, all of that is who Campbell really is. He steals, lies, breaks election promises, is corrupt, arrogant. a convicted criminal, and just an all around, revolting person. How the BC Liberal ministers, can support a monster like Campbell, boggles the mind. We must get enough recalls, to wipe this insane government, off the face of the earth. Don't feel a dam bit civil.


  6. Unfortunately we elected him until at least 2013, even though “he stepped down” he didnt “resign”. and he indicated he will retain his MLA seat.

    This is one weird Dude.

    Sorry BC , you seem to get stuck with some real evil people.



  7. No, the election date in 2013 is easily changed, just as the law that said BC could have no deficits was changed as soon as they needed to report a deficit. One hand writes but the other hand can erase.


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