It’s not news until the MSM says it’s news

Fellow ‘Wingnut’ blogger Laila Yuile has been demonstrating the government’s secret payment of shadow tolls on the Sea to Sky Highway, and probably other transportation projects. The BC Liberals tried to brush off Yuile’s reporting and, using artful word foggery, leave the impression that shadow tolls are not paid.

Example, email message from government spokesperson Dave Crebo:

Both the ministry and S2S Transportation Group agree the payment mechanism for the concessionaire is not based on a shadow toll.

The BC Liberal friendly MSM refused to allow reporting or comments on the subject. By example, junior staff in CKNW and CKWX news rooms made passing mentions of the issue but those were quickly disappeared when the overseers realized this was a no-reporting subject.  Problem is though, Ms. Yuile has evidence backing her claims. Apparently, in BC, it is not news until the MSM says it is.

Read Laila Yuile’s latest contribution and release of evidence HERE.


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  1. The mainstream media in BC is a sad joke and instead of freedom of the press, we have censorship and propaganda.

    What was considered news a decade ago, is now not news but ramblings.

    The MSN, including the the 'NW Friday three amigos, have been derelict in their fiduciary duty in investigative reporting. For them, it is what the PAB order them to report that counts.

    Hitler, Stalin, Mao, could not have done it better.


  2. The more the BC Liberals lie, the more they put their foots in their mouths.

    Documents after documents are now appearing and show just how much Pinocchio and his band of incompetents, are deliberately misleading, covering up or lying to the people of British Columbia.

    It is a very sad time in this province for politics, as the BC Liberals have literally taken the noble meaning of politics and serving the people – down into the gutter.

    Thieves and thugs have better principals and standards than a lot of our serving cabinet minsters – including the semi retired one!

    Thank you.


  3. Thank you for the plug Norman,a pointed commentary as usual!
    I do feel saddened the MSM continues to ignore these stories,because it is important for the electorate far and wide to question not only these deals, but other intitiatives undertaken without examination by the Liberals. The Pacific Carbon Trust, that I blogged about,


    And here:

    A massive scam, nothing more. No qualifications,certifications, standards, and the goverment dictates everyone MUST deal with one company.


  4. The BC Liberal government, could care less if the people know they lie. It's in our faces obvious, you can't miss it. Does Campbell really think, we don't see through the BCR crap. He should have been thrown in prison, the minute he fraudulently sold it. The corrupt court, the corrupt judge, the brain dead witnesses. How in the hell can you miss that? Did Campbell and Hansen, really think. A dot on the globe, being BC, came out of the recession, with a small scratch, while the rest of the world crashed? No-one is that dumb. And, the HSt wasn't on their radar, but, the HST went to Harper, faster than the speed of light. And, the HST radar papers, were on Hansen's desk, long before the election. The sea to sky highway scam, is exactly something Campbell would do. Thousands of BC people, will never use that highway. However, as usual Campbell steals from the people who can't afford to pay for 25 years. Campbell's wealthy friends, were probably squealing at the trough, because the ski tickets are pricey, and didn't want to pay a toll. Campbell, Hansen, De Jong and the BC Liberals, use very dirty tactic's in everything they do. Campbell did say, he would still be around for some months. He also said, he would continue on with his dirty work, pardon me, his work.


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