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The public needs a pledge

Harvey Oberfeld, journalist with unquestionable credentials. sends a message to Victoria, “If You Really Love B.C., Gordon, Go Now!  At the very least, Gordon Campbell and all BC Liberals should read Harvey’s words.

‘A Dave’, commenter on the article at Keeping it Real, added a powerful contribution. This is part:

“. . . he’s refusing to leave until he covers all his tracks on BC Rail, otherwise a lot of influential people associated with that shady sale are going to remain very paranoid about a large boot that The Great Manipulator has prevented from dropping for nearly eight years now.

The whole affair has tainted our justice system, our law enforcement, our government, our bureaucracy, and our mainstream media. Without trust or honour in those key institutions, we cease to live in a functioning democracy. . .”

I was interviewed for an hour today by an American broadcaster trying to understand what is going on in British Columbia. Attempting to draw a circle around events involving common participants can make one sound like a believer in loony conspiracy theories. I’m not that but I understand much about people’s collective behavior. The results of that can make active conspiracies seem real.

Connect the current efforts to destroy documents that might allow full examination of the BC Rail sale with the clinging to power of the sale’s architect. You are left wondering. Since the Leader of the Opposition has promised a full public inquiry, Gordon Campbell and the Liberal Cabinet or Caucus must immediately pledge:

To preserve until after the next provincial general election all documents, correspondence and communications regarding the disposition of provincial assets, including but not limited to the BC Rail transactions for railroad, land and other assets.

If no evidence of wrongdoing is hidden from view, such a promise would have little consequence other than restoring public confidence. If readers want to suggest this to MLAs, use THIS LINK for email addresses. Perhaps a message of support to Bill Bennett would be appropriate if you believe him worthy. His former colleagues are ganging up to discredit his statements.

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  1. Campbell loves Campbell and no one else.
    Appealing to what should be the right thing to do, sense of fair play , all things decent etc. – is a wasted exercise Where Pinocchio is concerned.

    Let's face it – what sort of leader would try to hide behind his family and bleat about being picked on ??

    Nauseating and disgusting when Gordon Campbell comes to mind.

    Sorry about that – I feel better for having had my say.

    Thx Norm.


  2. Campbell make a pledge, absolutely not. His most famous quote is, shred, shred, shred. Would we actually believe a pledge of Campbell's? Not on your Nelly. Campbell, Hansen, De Jong and the BC Liberals, are the most corrupt party, and, has the most corrupt governing officials, ever heard of, in Canadian history. Has anyone read about, the sea to sky highway scam? Are the BC citizens happy with the results, and, what De Jong did?. The BC Liberals are all about, lies, deceit, broken promises, corruption, theft, criminal charges, vendetta's and cheated to win, scurvy Campbell's re-election. The BCR wasn't for sale, was another election lie. If the BC Liberals say anything, you absolutely must, believe the opposite.


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