Sea To Sky Highway

Shadows hang over the Sea-to-Sky Highway

Mark Hume of the Globe and Mail paid attention to Laila Yuile’s “Shadow Tolls” story and the Globe online provides for an interesting and relatively unmoderated discussion. The PAB-bots are quick to respond leaving me to wonder how much the taxpayer pays for 24-7 media monitor service to the Liberal Party. Mind you, they get pretty good mileage out of the paid staff who, by using a variety of names, can appear to be more than they are.

Sometimes Mr. or Ms. Ordinary Reader leaves a comment that is more convincing than all the rest. By example:

RandyShoop: …the taxpayer pays for everything, we all know that. The question here, that is being asked by the taxpayer is……… how much are we paying ……. who are we paying ……… and are we getting good value for our money. When you go to the store to buy a product the price is on the sticker, you don’t just hold your purse open or give them your card and say ” Take whatever you want, the price means nothing to me”. So ………….. who is the dolt.

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  1. The normal decent citizen, tends to take people at their word, thinking their word is honorable. We can't do this with Campbell and the BC Liberals. Even though, the BC Liberals are supposed to be, in the position of trust, as every politician is. We have to learn, everything Campbell and the Liberals say, is automatically deemed a lie. I'm afraid we tax payers, will never know where our tax dollars go, especially in BC. We have caught some of the thieving. Such as Ida Chong, eating her way through, $6,000 of the tax payers money. Campbell stealing tax payers money, for his own personal use. Campbell's stealing and selling, the BC's peoples assets and natural resources. Our tax dollars, will also go to pay for, the sea to sky highway, of which thousands of BC people will never use. There should have been a toll, on that highway. So, all we can guess is, Campbell's wealthy friends, complained about a toll, because, those ski tickets are very pricey. Campbell always steals from the average person, to brown nose to the wealthy for, their donations to him. What else should we expect from Campbell, who lied, deceived and cheated to win? Campbell, Hansen, De Jong, and the BC Liberals, have always lied to the people, and used dirty tactics against us. Campbell's corruption, will be in the history books. BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. The BC liberals are the worst governing body, in all of Canada's history. What will the disaster of the century be? The Gulf oil spill, or Campbell and the BC Liberals?


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