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Any truthseekers at Postmedia Network?

Make your way to the website of Alex G. Tsakumis where he is beginning a reveal of insider records written during the Gordon Campbell Government’s sale of BC Rail. Tsakumis sees unmistakable signs of wrongdoing and calls for a full and formal inquiry. He also makes this challenge:

“. . . to my friends in the mainstream media, that have been hounding me to release what some have guessed correctly is Basi’s inside observations, I have a challenge: Call for a public inquiry. I dare you. Just this memo alone SCREAMS for one. For once, stand up for the people of this province, for your readers, viewers and listeners and ask for some damned honesty and decency in government. . . . do what Marjorie Nichols and Jack Wesbter would have done–call for an inquiry. Do what Fotheringham and Bewley would have done. Don’t any of you care. Shame! All of your venues are dying on the vine. Do you not care about the people or the integrity of this province?”

Having placed a near embargo on reporting of allegations raised about the BC Rail sale, will the mainstream media have nerve to join in demanding a public inquiry?

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  1. I very much doubt it Norm – they all seem to have been bought out by the BC Lie-beral government. If not bought out, then intimidated by them.

    It is gonna be interesting – the next week or two. Lets see if the Lie-berals will even acknowledge the Basi documents – which are pretty damning.



  2. Sir, RE: ” Having placed a near embargo on reporting of allegations raised about the BC Rail sale”

    many of has have been flabbergasted at the lack of news in regards to this scandal. Only BC Mary was reporting on the trial.

    Who ordered the embargo? Who has not been fulfilling their obligations to the people of BC?


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