Please sir, can we have some more?

Black Press news item from BC Liberal PR man Tom Fletcher:

Kevin Falcon was in Fort St. John Monday to announce his “Northern Prosperity Agenda” that promises more provincial money for resource roads and a reduction of “onerous” Agricultural Land Reserve restrictions on the use of area farmland.

From Vancouver Sun’s Craig McInnes:

One of the big elephants in the room with provincial Liberal leadership candidates has started to trumpet. And at least one would-be premier has heard the call.

An influential business group that staunchly supported Premier Gordon Campbell has called on the government to put the brakes on one of the central themes of his time in office — the fight against climate change.

Without revealing any details, Kevin Falcon, one of three candidates campaigning Monday in energy-rich northeastern B.C., said that while he is proud of what the government has done so far on that front, elements of the campaign will need to be revised. He is the first to publicly break ranks with Campbell on the issue.

Shall we review what Kevin Falcon is paying in return for financial support to his leadership campaign?

  • Provincial money for resource roads, so energy companies are not burdened with the cost of building private roads to their sites;
  • Brakes on the fight against climate change, although, any change will have us going in reverse. However, what energy companies want is more “self-regulation.”
  • Reduction of onerous Agricultural Land Reserve restrictions. This is the fastest route to fortune and besides, farmland is the easiest land on which developers can build houses and strip malls. We can import food we need anyway. That’s great global business, ship oil and gas to the USA and import broccoli from Chile or Mexico.
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  1. Stupid dammed idiot Liberals. A global shortage of food happening and the idiots are destroying precious and valuable farmland. The most valuable farmland in Canada, is in the Peace country, the site C dam site. And Campbell is flooding this farmland, to supply the dirty tar sands in Alberta with water. There are deformed fish in Lake Athabasca. They have found oil, in the mighty Athabasca River. Another flock of ducks, landed in the dirty sludge, and perished. The Athabasca watershed is now contaminated. All of this, because of the dirty tar sands. When the economy depends on one resource, “oil”, the corruption and destruction, of our country, is growing by leaps and bounds. Hopefully the human race can, evolve enough to drink oil instead of water, and food and fish, poisoned by all of the crap, leaching into our eco system.


  2. Perhaps Harper wouldn't mind so much if Fed PsuedoCons were involved in an “official” capacity in Kevvie's campaign.

    BTW, did you try to provide anonymity to the dude handing Kev a cheque or is it weird lighting or a skin condition. I think the dude should wear a name tag, so that should I have a chance to patronize his business in anyway, I can DECLINE!

    Kevin seems most the candidate most unlikely to have problems with or want to change Campbell's new one-stop resource exploitation 7-11 approach to giving away the resources of the province with a minimum of regard for environmental concerns!


  3. Occasionally, government funds worthwhile projects or agencies. Not knowing the ID of the guy with cheque in hand, or which direction the money was travelling, I thought it best to do a slight obscure since I don't know the whole story. It could be one of the healthcare privatizers delivering campaign funds or it could be a Surrey halfway house being funded. I know with Falcon the first is more likely than the second. Nevertheless, I rather target people I know to be deserving.


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