Toff guys

For people tired of BC politics, this is from The Now Show one of the Friday Night Comedy Shows of BBC Radio 4, available by podcast. A guest last week was Henning Wehn, a German stand-up comic now living in London. One British critic wrote “Henning Wehn should be on everyone’s must see list.” His droll performance always appeals. This is part of his radio routine on BBC Radio 4:

“The next two football World Cups have been given to Russia and Qatar. The English delegation left Switzerland most deflated.

“You don’t know who to trust. All is decided in shady back room dealings.” complained England’s bid leader Andy Anson, emerging from three days of wining and dining foreign despots in shady back rooms.

“What signal does this send to the world. Neither Russia nor Qatar are meritocracies. Ability and experience count for nothing in these countries,” whined the President of the English Football Association, 28-year-old Prince William.

“Unlike Britain, both host countries lack the most basic democratic structures as their governments are not a fair reflection of society as a whole,” said David Cameron, himself the 19th Prime Minister to have attended Eton.

“Luckily for Britain, the fallout from England’s failed World Cup bid is only a minor blip in Britain’s proud history, and future.

“As David Cameron told the delegates of the Confederation of British Industry, “I passionately believe our best years are ahead of us.”

“Mm, mm, yeah. Considering that Britain once ruled half the planet, what’s he working on?

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