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Get ready for another spin cycle – updated

Angus Reid showed BC Liberals and NDP tied in voter support, each with 36% decided and leaners. That survey was conducted December 7 to 8th. In a poll released December 15, Mustel Group measured support at 41% to 36% in favor of BC Liberals.

Poll results put politicos of all stripes into full spin cycle and they came through, satisfying at least those already in their camps. No matter what the bad news, spin doctors can always find something good but NDP partisans had to work hardest to colorize poll results that seemed distinctly black and white.

With two leadership campaigns now started, Angus Reid is polling again December 20 and 21. The result should be interesting but never before will we have had so many divergent groups waiting for the results. Rotational medics, stay ready. You will be needed like never before.

Thursday, Dec. 23, 2010 – The results are in and the Angus Reid poll reports BC Liberals and NDP enjoy equal support among decided and leaning voters. Christy Clark and Mike Farnworth lead the parades for leadership of their parties.

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  1. Good grief. I can't believe people are foolish enough to vote Liberal. Do the citizens, want De Jong? He did the most blatant cover-up of, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. He even thieved our tax dollars, to pay all of the two criminals expenses. Christy Clark and her brother were involved in that corrupt sale as well. All the Liberal ministers and mla's supported Campbell's lies, deceit and corruption. Not one of them, is worth the powder to blow them to hell. They are all, Campbell contaminated. BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. Does this not tell them anything. Rumor has it, Campbell will still be around as an adviser, to the BC Liberals. The BC Liberal party, has to be obliterated, right out of BC. Our province, isn't safe from the Liberals. They have to go.


  2. The question is 'why do they conduct polls?'
    They want to see the lay of the land so that the propaganda will spin in the direction of the outcome they want.
    It is a psychological game that the spin doctors play to persuade the public how they should think.
    Lets face it, there is a great science to polls, the question that they ask and why they ask them.
    The trouble with a question with an answer rating, or a simple 'yes' or 'no' statement is that the question of 'why' someone answered it is never asked.
    KOHLBERG'S STAGES OF MORAL DEVELOPMENT are based not upon the answer but the reason for the answer. It is based on the answer being neither right of wrong, but how the person justifies said answer. http://bit.ly/gt79Lq
    CAROL GILLIAN' ETHICS OF CARE, a theory about what makes actions right or wrong. http://bit.ly/iaexup
    What is relevant here is the reason why people think or not think, and how the 'machine' can manipulate the masses into a predefined thought process.
    This skill of 'critical thinking' should be the result of a healthy education system and a family structure that value the process of open and honest discussion where people can agree to disagree.
    Therefore in order for the insidious spin doctors to wield their will on the masses, there must be an unhealthy education system and families continually in crisis and stress and fear.
    When the masses are occupied with shear existence, the thieves can rob them blind.
    Think about the importance of the voir dire and the psychology of getting the best jury for your client(s). A simple poll that can describe where the person lies of the continuum from the far right to the far left.
    Watch the documentary called the Corporation, (Vancouver based film), It clearly shows how the corporation's employ highly skilled professional to conduct their advertising campaigns.
    Politics is just another Big MF of a corporation whose only design is to ring as much out of the masses for the benefit of it's shareholders, then move on without any care of the carnage left in it's wake.


  3. Why don't the pollsters ask this question:

    Do you approve of Government paying the legal expenses of criminals to be found guilty?

    That is the only question and answers that i wish the polling numbers on!


  4. Good question.
    But not the question 'Do you approve of Government paying the legal expenses of criminals to be found guilty? .
    The question that I am referring to is, 'Why don't the pollsters ask this question:'
    Is the answer too obvious?
    And what would they gain from it?


  5. “When the masses are occupied with shear existence, the thieves can rob them blind. “


    We have been saying this for the past few years as the only explanation for why there is no real mass outcry over what the Campbell government has done to the people of this province. .


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