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Horgan out of the gate – updated

Vancouver Island MLA John Horgan launched his NDP leadership campaign today with a promise to change the party’s focus from in-fighting to cooperation focused on challenging the sitting government:

It’s time to pull together as New Democrats and take the fight to the B.C. Liberals. Under my leadership, the NDP will present voters with a credible, pragmatic alternative to a government that has ignored the needs and interests of British Columbians for far too long.

Horgan made the announcement this evening in Langford and was introduced by MLAs Maurine Karagianis (Esquimalt-Royal Roads) and Scott Fraser (Alberni-Pacific Rim). He also said that he hopes many more caucus members will provide support. Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer has written that Horgan is a likely frontrunner.

Maureen Karagianis described Horgan as smart, passionate, articulate, able to listen and capable of uniting the party. Horgan also unveiled his campaign website horganforbc.ca and encouraged those who supported his bid but were not yet members of the BC NDP to visit the website and join the party before January 17, 2011.

Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer provides a profile of Horgan HERE.

Another Postmedia writer, Times Colonist Rob Shaw describes Horgan HERE, writing:

He has been described as a backroom enforcer with a deep understanding of the cutthroat world of politics, and is known for bombastic rhetoric in the legislature and a blunt style some have attributed to temper.

Sean Holman‘s Public Eye gives fairly comprehensive material HERE about Horgan

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  1. The Globe&Mail reports that Horgan's first meeting, on Tuesday, is with the BC Business Council. That, as we all know, was one of the big supporters of Gordon Campbell. And, lover of the HST, which puts $2 billion/year into their pockets at the expense of the rest of us. So, with Horgan, it looks like same old, same old. Sigh! When will we get a politician that will stand up for the rest of us?


  2. Lorne, do you suggest there be no dialog with the business community, even if only to lay out new ground rules that would be established by a Horgan government? It is appropriate, even necessary, to talk to every constituency in the province. The part that matters is what is said to each.

    The Business Council and the Board of Trade may never support NDP policies but they will have to live with them. Mature interaction makes sense for both sides.


  3. i am shocked at what Lorne Finlayson wrote.

    Shocked because everyone should realize that a premier of the province is representing everyone! Including the BC Business Council. A Premier Horgan may have different Policies which would be less stacked in favour of Business but he would have to lay that out so that we are all aware of the policies. Something that Campbell failed
    to do in balancing policies between Business and Consumers.

    Politics is the art of compromise. Every stakeholder around the table should
    be represented.


  4. All we have to do is look at Hochstein and the C.O.C. People of BC are very tired of business getting all the breaks. They have had enough representation. The HST was forced on the BC people and all of the dirty tactics, Hochstein and the C.O.C. used to keep the HST, is disgusting. Billions of our tax dollars go to, banks, big business, mines, gas and oil company's. I watched the Federal House on TV, and, a motion was passed by the entire house, to do just that. They also get huge tax reductions. And because businesses, are bottomless pits of greed. They all lined up at the trough, and squealed for the HST as well. We have had enough of, Campbell and the BC Liberals, lies, deceit and thieving, from the people to give, to business. Our dammed BC HST goes directly to, Campbell's good buddy Harper. We are a province of natural resources, the HST is useless to us. Where is the money, Campbell and Hansen, said we would save by the HST? What a crock, all the HST has done, is to drive costs up sky high. The HST was just a scam, to cheat the people out of money, to give to business. We all knew that from day one. And, don't think we won't remember Harper's part in the HST, at Federal Election time either. Harper, was drooling at the mouth, in anticipation of all of that lovely money for his coffers. Campbell works for Harper, and, that is abundantly obvious. Harper, even had the gall, to chastise the BC people for forcing his little boy Gordo, into resigning. Harper, needs a partner in crime, for his pet project. He constantly preaches about, Global governance. This country, is a huge putrid mess of corruption. And BC is the dirtiest mess of corruption, in the entire country.


  5. John Horgan is vying for the leadership of the NDP, and is not the Premier of the province. As Premier he should take the views of all constituents into account, and I agree with other posters on that. However, as an NDP leadership candidate, by running to the BC Business Council before meeting with any NDP members he sends a clear signal that the business crowd is the group that really counts in this province, while NDP members and other citizenry are secondary.


  6. John McComb on NW talked with Horgan late in the 3-4 pm hour today. The subject you raise came up so you might want to check their Audio Vault. However, you are probably right that the optics are not good on this one. He could have made a better choice for a starting point.


  7. Horgan already had the business luncheon with the BCBC scheduled last year in his position as NDP energy critic. I guess he wanted to keep his commitment as energy critic.


  8. See after all the pissing and moaning between you and Ian now you have Ian's bestest colleague in the can for the next premier.


  9. @ Anonymous

    The only exercise some people get is jumping to conclusions and running down others. You are premature. I happen to think there are perhaps three qualified to be Premier among the likely NDP candidates. Among Liberals, I see one, maybe.

    I plan to write a little about all leadership candidates that I think to be worthy of attention.


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