Drive-by punditry

Succinct comments from a few of BC’s mainstream pundits indicate that Adrian Dix is the NDP leadership candidate who most worries their cohorts, the BC Liberals. In politics, little time is wasted on maligning those expected to be also-rans.

Omnipresent Keith Baldrey writes,“The Liberals seem to relish the prospect of running against Dix.” Baldrey called Dix a mirror image of Kevin Falcon, “albeith on the left-wing side of the spectrum.” Elsewhere, the Liberal’s favorite commentator accuses Dix of being closely involved with “class warfare tactics.”

Sean Holman leads a Public Eye piece with a quote from someone who calls Dix “the most left-wing candidate.”

Vaughn Palmer, noting that Joy McPhail had scoffed at descriptions of Dix as a left-wing ideologue, gave this sarcastic response, “Right. And Kevin Falcon is a socialist.”

Ian Bailey of the Globe and Mail wrote Dix “has been seen as tilting to the left of the NDP spectrum.” Bailey doesn’t explain that statement but the Globe and Mail publishes a fair and balanced review of Dix.

The Times Colonist took a more useful approach. Rather than attaching questionable labels, TC asked eight important policy questions of all candidates. Adrian Dix, unlike the others, responded with answers. Here is the exchange:

Do you personally favour scrapping the HST?

Dix: Yes.

What is your plan to balance [the deficit] by the end of 2013 (the current plan). . .

Dix: While the Times Colonist will be provided more information on revenue measures and program priorities later in the campaign, giving massive tax breaks to large, profitable banks while increasing MSP premiums will not be an a budgetary measure under an NDP government I lead.

Numerous reports have called for reform of the court system to reduce trial delay. Will you act on these reports?

Dix: Yes.

Will you raise the minimum wage in the next 12 months?

Dix: Yes.

Post-secondary tuition rates are capped at the rate of inflation, but some university administrators believe the cap should be removed. Do you agree?

Dix: No.

Privacy groups are concerned the B.C. government is compiling a cradle-to-grave electronic dossier on every citizen. Do you support this project?

Dix: No. Groups and officials like the privacy commissioner have raised valid concerns about how the government has undertaken the integrated case management project, including inadequate assessment.

Most experts believe [traffic snarls] can only be managed with a major investment in public transit. Will you commit to making that investment?

Dix: Yes. Last week I expressed my position that the carbon tax be applied toward sustainable transportation like public transit and other green infrastructure.

Farm-gate producers on Vancouver Island are being driven out of business by needlessly severe health and safety regulations. Will you relax them?

Dix: Yes. Farm-gate sales have been permitted in other communities, proof that licences can be provided while maintaining health standards.

There you have it. Dix speaks to fair taxation, judicial reform, a minimum wage not the lowest in Canada,  moderation of tuition fee increases, protection of privacy, public transit and support to farmers. That makes him a left-winger?

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  1. Well Norm, if Dix takes over for the NDP and Abbott takes over for the Libs, don't know about you but I will be voting for Abbott – No contest.


  2. Dix is a divisive figure within the BC NDP. One NDP MLA described him as “the spider master” while those outside the NDP tend to see him as Glen Clark but without the charm. I see him as being far more mendacious than that. I would in fact tend to see his personality type as being more like that of Dick Cheney. Of course he is the candidate of choice for both the BC Liberals and the establishment of the BC NDP, and that to me speaks volumes.


  3. Way to go, John Sherman. Abbott had his chance as part of Campbell's cabinet. In spite of his warm and fuzzy campaign style, he's as guilty of screwing the average BC Citizen as any Lieberal.
    As for Adrian Dix, if these are “left-wing” policies, fairness is a foundation of the left-wing. I hope a Dix/Horgan/Farnworth/Kwan NDP govt throws the right-wing extremists out, so BC can flourish for the people, not for the corporate elite bums.


  4. The BC ministers and mla's, backed Campbell to the hilt. They will be just as bad as Campbell is. Falcon is a total Campbell clone. The same person, must have written their speeches. Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR crime, is still not cleared up. The Liberal candidates, are not willing to clean it up either. So, what will change? Nothing will, lies, denials, are in the forefront. They are going to build themselves, on top of, a pack of lies and corruption.


  5. Campbell is only interested in, lining the pockets of himself and big business. BC is at the very bottom, of all the other provinces. BC had the most job losses, because of the HST. BC loses billions of dollars by, people shopping in the U.S. because of the HST. People shop on line, because of the HST. People shop in Alberta, because of the HST. People buy underground, because of the HST. The small businesses closing their doors, because of the HST, is steadily rising. Where are those jobs, Campbell and Hansen promised, by the HST? He must have meant, job losses, because of the HST. Where is the money, Campbell and Hansen promised we would save? They must have meant lose. BC is a province of natural resources, and does squat for the BC people. Besides which, Campbell gave our HST, to the other snake in the grass, Harper. On top of Campbell HST scam, he thieved our rivers and sold them. What that does for us is, it raises our hydro bills by 55%. We had over, 121.000 BC children living in poverty, that number is rising, because of the HST. BC also has the highest gasoline prices. Campbell also thieved, the highest salary raise for him self and his henchmen, in Canadian history. Ida Chong, ate $6.000 of food for her fine dining. That's a hell of a lot more than thousands of BC families have, to feed all of them. We need this rotten, corrupt BC Liberal government? Convince me.


  6. I see Mike Geoghegan running from one website to the next spouting the same nonsense about Adrian Dix. It does strike me as odd that a Liberal hack like Geoghegan is so worried about Dix being the leader of the NDP. Of course, his repeated message about Dix being akin to Dick Cheney is asinine, as anyone who has ever met the man will gladly attest.

    FWIW, I'm a John Horgan supporter and not likely to support Dix until perhaps as third choice. But I'm getting mighty tired of the repeated smears by Geoghegan on Dix, who has a well-earned reputation as one of the smartest, hardest-working MLAs on either side of the aisle.


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