How was this a "communications error" ?

From Christopher Foulds, Kamloops this Week (KTW)

Stowe told KTW someone in the Blazers’ organization signed up the players, though he did not know if the memberships were accompanied by the $5 youth membership fee.

Tom Gaglardi, majority owner of the Western Hockey League club, is a supporter of Falcon’s leadership bid.

Stowe said the Falcon campaign learned of the dubious sign-ups when someone in Kamloops contacted the campaign.

“I’m only guessing, but it could have been the whole team,” Stowe said when asked how many players had been made instant Grits.

Kamloops Blazers issued a statement from vice-president and general manager Craig Bonner, which reads in full:

“I have been informed that applications for membership to the B.C. Liberal Party by our players were handled incorrectly. I take full responsibility for this communication error and have asked the B.C. Liberal Party to withdraw the subject applications for membership.”

Communications error? Who was communicating with whom?

Again, I defer to Paul Willcocks. He touched the heart of this story:

It’s tough to believe the party is serious about enforcing the rules if there are no consequences for violations, beyond the cancellation of the memberships if offenders are caught.

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  1. Its all about ethics Norman…. look no further than Mary Polak, Minister responsible for children, where she and the BC Young Liberals (14 to 25 years of age) were having a Martini bash together.

    ONE martini is equal to two points over what used to be .08 limit, now .05 limit.


  2. They got caught ripping of BC Rail and to date haven't even cancelled the deal let alone seen through with punishment of the perps. Remember there is a different set of rules for them.


  3. It sure seems like everything associated with Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals is not just tainted, but hell bent on breaking all the rules that have been in force for decades – or worse still, the BC Liberals are just plain incompetent and incontinent as well.

    Boy, will British Columbia suffer from the decade of governance of the Campbell Touch !

    Sorry, but it sure seems that everything that Campbell has been associated with is questionable, no good or corrupt.



  4. I have expressed concern before….I hope the same people will not be directing the NDP campaign this election as did in the last couple. Very poor at letting the public know the issues, never mind how the NDP was going to solve them. Things are looking up with some good candidates for leader eloquently speaking their minds…Horgan is particularly good, though low on exposure…..the party PR guys should be careful about sabotaging good people by holding events such as their very own “Martini Madness” fundraiser coming up soon. Ironic in a way. I am far from a teetotaller, but just plain silly to invite comments like above ones!


  5. The “communication error” was ONLY and ENTIRELY that this bogus vote rigging/buying/forcing went public. It was never intended for public consumption.


  6. The photos for Martini madness among the BC Young Liberals is still up via searching for images and Mary Polak is front and centre, pity:

    Second hit down has the photos.

    Took me a while to find out that a BC Young Liberal can be anywhere between the age of 14 to a maximum of 25 (at which point they no longer have to ask whom to vote for from their seniors).


  7. Martini Madness is an NDP upcoming event, how will we keep it all “straight” with who is who when both parties give out Martinis for votes….off topic I know…but, certain to lead to more communication errors


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