The NDP has a trio of quality leadership candidates

Georgia Straight quotes academic political scientists Dennis Pilon and Peter Prontzos saying that Adrian Dix has the greatest potential to get people excited again about politics. Carlito Pablo’s story bring into focus what I’ve come to believe as well:

I think a lot of the New Democrats feel that the party is constantly apologizing for its ideas; it’s constantly suggesting that it’s not going to be what other people say it is,” Pilon said.

According to the UVic political science professor, Dix is like his ex-boss and former B.C. premier Glen Clark, who was good in reaching out to the NDP base by striking on key themes like “the rich are getting off easy”.

Dix is effective like Clark was effective in really speaking to issues,” Pilon said. “And I think Dix is absolutely right to say New Democrats should stop apologizing for their record because you know if they keep avoiding that question, it will never go away.

After much time listening to BC Liberal leadership candidates and knowing that the exact same people who purchased the Campbell Government will buy the one led by Clark, Falcon or Abbot. I conclude that it is time for a politician to stand up and say the rich are getting off easy.

Far too easy.

I like John Horgan’s policies, particularly his clear statement about halting the private power frauds. I respect the work that Mike Farnworth has done in the Legislature. But, Dix did excellent work in his critic’s roles too. In addition, I think he’s got the right combination of youth and experience and a grasp of the big picture and the detail.

Beyond that, Dix has the hard edge to deal with the existing political reality. It will not be easy for the next NDP leader. Every business lobby and all mainstream media operations will mount concentrated attacks to preserve their own interests.

The NDP itself is an unstable vessel with its own would-be fixers ready to feed at the trough. The leader must be clear about the issues and firm in resolve to run an open and accountable government; one that makes almost every citizen proud.

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  1. Dix, Horgan and Farnworth all show the strong leadership qualities voters weren't seeing with Carole James. The party's support will return in the next election if the new leader clearly outlines policy, and stands up for it as the most balanced platform of any party in BC.


  2. Campbell lied twice, for two different elections, to get back into power. He was corrupt, deceitful and had to lie and cheat to win. If you read, Laila Yuile's blog of Falcon's follies. De Jongs theft of our tax dollars, to pay for the two set up patsies, to take the fall for, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. Christy Clark and her brothers involvement. The BC Liberals corruption, is disgusting. I will take any one of the NDP candidates, over the Liberal candidates, any day. If BC and the BC citizens, survive two more years of the BC Liberals, will be a total miracle. The Liberal candidates, will be just as bad as Campbell. The BC ministers and mla's, supported Campbell's corruption, every inch of the way. Explain to me. Which Liberal candidate, has a balanced platform? And, when did they ever?


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