Behind the screen in the wizard’s chamber, we have . . .

There is unusually heavy traffic here for a Saturday evening so I assume readers are looking for a reaction to today’s anointment of The Progressive Group’s selection as Premier.

I was already suspicious of the voting scheme and became convinced the result was preordained when Nova Scotia-based Intelivote Systems Inc. let it be known that a number of control and audit checks available in their system were disabled at the choice of party officials. Further, confusion over thousands of voter PINs created a scramble to issue last minute voting IDs to who knows whom. Votes once recorded could not be examined.

Was there a back room with loyal soldiers armed with PINs beavering away, creating the result desired? Strange it is that the province’s highest political official is selected without public oversight. Even the newest council member of Silverton BC (pop. 185) is elected in a process with scrutineers and other long established controls. Votes are not accepted by Internet. Votes are not accepted by telephone. Ballots can be counted afterward and voter signatures examined.

The process selecting Christy Clark Premier is only legitimate if you trust BC Liberals. Have they ever lied before?

Mind you, the Liberals could have selected any of the four candidates and nothing would change. Gordon Campbell was no more or less corrupt than his close associates. The faces may change but little else will alter because the same people stand behind the curtain in the Wizard’s chamber.

In Emma Goldman‘s words,

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”

This from an earlier article at Northern Insights:

Ms. Clark, not to be outdone by Falcon’s ante of Ryan Beedie, a Fraser Institute director, wagered her own director of the think tank that inspires BC Liberal policies. Gwyn Morgan, also a director of the Manning Centre, is the former president and CEO of energy company EnCana Corp., one of North America’s largest natural gas producers. [Morgan is now Chairman of the Board of SNC-Lavalin.] He is but one among a team of rich folks backing Clark, including Patrick Kinsella, consultant and advisor to both buyer and seller of BC Rail. It is safe to assume that Kinsella is not helping Clark to gain access for himself to the Liberal Party’s backroom. He is already the proprietor.

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  1. Am I right in suggesting that referring to Christy Clark as Premier is wrong ? Was she not simply voted in as Leader of the BC Liberal Party ? If she does not hold an elected seat, then she can not be referred to as “Premier”.

    Guy in Victoria


  2. Guy, probably true. Harper appointed Michael Fortier to the Cabinet in 2006 although he was not an MP or Senator but that is a different situation than First Minister. Perhaps the Wizard keeps his old puppet in place until the new face is seated.


  3. Christy, may I call her by the name of Christy?

    Ms. Clark then, is the Leader of the BC Liberals, that's all. To ascend the throne to be Premier she first has to win a seat as a Member of the Legislative Assembly and that would probably be the riding of Vancouver-Point Grey…. aka the Seat of Gordon Campbell.

    By way of the HST Initiative result for that riding, here: http://www.elections.bc.ca/docs/init/IP-2010-002-Results.pdf which shows how many voters signed up to repeal the HST. Given an opportunity to replace Campbell with Clark is going to require a lot more than voters because there will be opponents from every available political party.

    HST info= Voter Count 2009: 39,785 Threshold: 3,979 Valid Signatures: 6,275 Elections BC

    The HST vote is being promised, by Ms. Clark, to be moved from September to June 24th 2011, and here's the crunch for me, how can someone who has been elected Leader of a political party, on the third ballot, from a pool of 65,000 paying members, able to determine the direction, on a daily basis, without first having attained the status of being an MLA in a transparent and open by-election process?


  4. BC's worst nightmare has occurred. Anyone opposing Campbell, Christy Clark, called them the Taliban. Clark is just as spiteful as Campbell is. Her praise of Campbell saying, what a good premier he was was, made my stomach churn. Good for what? For BC, being the most corrupt province in Canada? For BC having the highest cost of living, and the lowest wages? For thieving our assets and selling them? I won't go on, but, you get the gist. I can't see one lick of difference, between Clark and Campbell.


  5. This is a a straight forward ,sincere question . Norman , can you or any person reading this ,PLEASE , give an uninformed reader like myself , a factual explanation of the actual parliamentary procedures or rules concerning a non-MLA becoming the Premier of B.C.. ? Thanks


  6. The Left Wing Whackos' worst nightmare just happened. Clark is a populist, one of the hardest candidates to win against and none of the NDP candidates will be able to effectively beat her.

    If it was Falcon he could have been beaten by saying “More of the same” “A Gordo Mini Me”

    If it was Abbott he could have been beaten by saying “He supported the HST” “Our moderate guy is just as moderate as him and the province needs a change”

    Cant say any of this and be believed by the electorate about Clark.


  7. If Clark really threatened change and renewal, Kinsella, Morgan, Aquilini, and a pack of land developers and would not have dumped megabucks into her leadership campaign. Clark, Falcon, de Jong all represent more of the same. Abbott was there to make the Liberal Party seem a little less focused on the lower mainland. Clark was selected because she understands her role is not to make policy but to sell it to the electorate.


  8. http://www.scribd.com/doc/47438484/BC-Liberal-Party-Constitution

    Item 63 1

    Note 50 “The Leader is elected under chapter 13 and ceases to hold office in the circumstances outlined in subsection 63(1). The present Leader is the Hon. Gordon Campbell, Premier of British Columbia”

    56 Eligibility (note 51)

    (1) To be eligible for selection as a candidate of the Party for election to the Legislative Assembly, a person must:(a) be a member of the Party in good standing;(b) be eligible under the
    Election Act
    (B.C.) for election to the Legislative Assembly etc……

    Note 51
    members of a [Riding Association] Executive cannot be either candidates or campaign managers of a candidate. Those [Riding Association] Executive members standing for nomination must resign upon publicly announcing their candidacy. This motion does not preclude the members of a [Riding Association]Executive from supporting a candidate. However, members must not show bias when voting on executive……

    In other words, Clark has to run in a vacated MLA seat eg. Gordon Campbell (after he resigns as an MLA (Premiership goes with the Leadership but only after the by-election). Clark HAS to win to be an MLA to be the Premier.

    Damn but this is confusing. If Clark could just call a snap election, and she can't because she's not the Premier until she's an MLA….. however El Gordo could call a Snap election as he waltz' out the door.

    And “Caucus” defined by the BC Liberals is covered under Item 59


    “In this Constitution, the “Caucus” means those members of this Party who are elected as Members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.”

    Clark hasn't been elected as an MLA therefore she can't sit in on the Caucus meetings at the Legislature. They'll have to troop over, en masse, to the new BC Ferries $54 million building in Victoria and rent a room there, at the BC Liberal Party's expense.


  9. Are all these threats about raising Hydro rates by 50% being made so Christy can swoop in and put an immediate stop to it?
    Suddenly a hero of the people.
    I wouldn't put it past her.


  10. No, Hydro rates are going up because it has more than $30 billion in future payment commitments to private power producers and that costs substantially more than the amount at which they sell it. Additionally, government has removed billions in surpluses that should have been accumulated for asset replacements. They justify raising residential rates because money needs to be spent on asset replacements and upgrades. However, those costs were already factored into existing rates.


  11. I doubt Campbell is going anywhere. He will be the steering committee. It was said, there is no way Campbell would allow Christy to run the show. Campbell knows, his corrupt sale of the BCR, will never be further investigted. Christy has good reason, to bury that one. It was said quite some time back. Campbell was rigging to have Christy replace him. That stupid, asinine PIN vote, is easily corrupted.

    The one thing that was really obvious. Campbell was really pushing to expand the Prosperity Mine. That was the first thing out of Christy's mouth. She was going to tackle Ottawa, for the expansion. And Ottawa had made a point of saying, the expansion of the mine, could be reapplied for. Stinky, stinky, as usual.

    Campbell also signed in favor of the dirty Chinese oil tankers, to invade our coastal waters. So, it seems the pipeline has the go ahead. Does anyone really think, Campbell would leave this in Christy's hands? I don't. Harper and Campbell are also working to, drill oil and gas wells off the BC coast. Would Campbell allow Christy to handle that? Never.

    It is also said, Harper is afraid, the anger going on in some of the country's, may spread to Canada. I read, there was even going to be a meeting about it. Lord knows, we are fed up with the corruption in Canada. Harper and Campbell, make an evil team. I hope, the Canadian citizens, see through Harper. He is a serious danger to our country.


  12. Don't get oil and gas confused Norm. The Gateway project is an oil pipeline with a corresponding light liquid line. The Chinese joint venture with Encana is related to gas shipments to an LNG terminal at Kitimat. A large portion of the gas will be produced in BC. None of the oil on the Gateway line will be produced in BC. By running with Gateway we would be shooting ourselves in the foot by allowing supply of oil to where BC natural gas could be the fuel. But then we can't even purchase LNG due to lack of infrastructure. We would sooner subsidize roads to nowhere in the muskeg, rather than fuelling infrastructure that would benefit all residents, instead of a select few large producers. And maybe the price would be a bit more stable than refined products like gasoline and diesel.


  13. Good point. However, the Chinese appetite for both gas and oil is insatiable and today's plans for Kitimat will morph into new ones and add even greater risks than the ones apparent today.

    The Gateway twin pipeline and Kitimat oil port aim at exporting almost 200 million barrels of oil per year while importing 70 million barrels of condensate, a toxic mix of chemicals and petroleum derivates used to dilute thick crude oil.


  14. The best solution is the gas line as it is inherently less dangerous, uses up way less undisturbed area and promotes use of a cleaner fuel, if we have to have fuel. But at least make the fuel available for BC residents so that every little skirmish in the middle east doesn't cause having to spend the lunch money on gasoline. Their appetite should not determine what we sell them. We have natural gas and not much oil in BC. Gas has been exported from BC for close to 50 years and although we could get CNG for a short time the LNG fuel infrastructure outside of the lower mainland is mostly non-existent. Why don't the garbage trucks hauling to Cache Creek use LNG, considering the best technology is from Westport right there in the middle of it all. Instead we choose to forgive royalties for drilling roads and pipelines.
    Most condensate is exactly that, light ends that “condense” in a formation,or after partial processing, usually pure hydrocarbon(water removed) or natural gas liquids that are left over when you remove the propane, butane, pentanes, etc. Sometimes called C3+. Cutter stock, as you mentioned.


  15. Since you mentioned one Mr. G. Morgan of Encana fame, it is astonishing that a fellow of this character has been selected to the Order of Canada. They must not have mentioned his experience with poofing some of the company's assets to catch that especially dangerous vandal Wiebo Ludwig in his nomination(which looks to have been written by a previous employee). All with a little help from the friendly horsemen of course.
    His special experience with arranging “royalty credits” which will be noticed as missing revenues from provincial coffers may have come into play as well. Overseeing a stampede of friendly Alberta service companies to Fort Nelson which served to displace many residents and businesses. Splendid.


  16. Mr. M put money on the filly but he and his friends had all bets covered.

    Speaking of Wiebo Ludwig, I wonder when the RCMP will play their next move in that game of dirty tricks?


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