Horgan, John

Hear, hear

VANCOUVER – John Horgan committed today to pulling the plug on BC Lottery Corporation’s online casino and focusing instead on responsible gaming, crime prevention and restoring gaming funding to charities and non-profit organizations.

“British Columbia needs to focus on operating our current gaming activities in compliance with the law, and restoring trust with local communities, charities and non-profit organizations who have been left behind in the massive Liberal gaming expansion of the last ten years,” said Horgan.

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  1. Finally a politician willing to take a stance for what is right!
    “in compliance with the law” I like those words, it has been so long since words like that have been spoken. I am behind him in this completely.
    There is so much that has to be done to restore this province and some dignity, this is an excellent place to start!


  2. Go, John, Go!

    The Liberals have a serious integrity deficit, each time choosing to trump money and power over all else. They must go ASAP.


  3. Refreshing is it not. The BC Liberal idea of straight talk is to claim anyone criticizing them is lying. I admit that is a topic they know something about.

    When RCH doctors raised the issue of serious overcrowding in their emergency ward, Colin Hansen claimed they were being deceitful and manipulative, that one day of unusual events was all the hospital faced. Hansen was lying and he knew it.

    This week when anesthesiologists spoke out to complain of shortages and 70+ hour workweeks, Colin Hansen again accused them of lying.

    It is nice to hear a politician like Horgan being clear and specific. Mind you Campbell was very clear prior to 2001, he just didn't take his own promises seriously.

    I like to see leaders take pledges to achieve certain inviolate goals or RESIGN. Every promise and expectation doesn't come true in the real world but the fundamental principles should not change.

    For example, Campbell promised the most open, transparent and accountable government in history. That didn't happen, nor did he even try.


  4. I am so happy with Horgan.

    Campbell and the BC Liberals, have lied non stop, have been so corrupt, deceived the people and cheated to win two elections.

    To be able to trust Horgan's word, and have belief, that someone actually cares about our province, and the people in it…Is a relief so vast, it's hard to explain. I guess it's like, at last we can relax, we won't have to watch our backs for treachery to befall us, as we did with Campbell and the Liberals.

    Campbell has been allowed to, operate above the law, no matter how evil his deeds are. I expect there will be many issues cropping up, that won't be found clean. Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, is one of those very shady deeds.

    Christy Clark has already reneged on her word. We have to hope, there will be something left of BC, that can be salvaged. I really believe, Horgan is the person, to save what is left of BC.


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