Clark, Christy

Horgan questions Clark’s priorities

horganj“In her first opportunity to raise issues of concern to British Columbia, did Premier Clark discuss the likely fallout from the June 24th referendum on the HST?” asked Horgan.

“Did she raise earthquake preparedness in B.C. or how the Sendai earthquake will impact one of our biggest trading partners? Did she press for the need to ban tanker traffic on the North Coast?

“No, she asked the Prime Minister to revisit plans for a copper mine that even his government decided would cause too much damage to the environment.”

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  1. Hey Mr. Horgan. Read the piece about one of Clark's puppeteers, Gwyn Morgan.

    Don't expect her to seek a ban on supertankers on the North Coast.

    First Nations people, speak up now.


  2. We know Campbell signed in favor for, dirty oil tankers from China to come into our beautiful northern coastal seas. He and Harper were working together, on this project. So, be prepared for the Enbridge pipeline, to be forced through. Don't forget how, Campbell, Hansen and Harper forced the HST on the BC people. There are thousands of BC people supporting the First Nations People, to stop this abomination. What people don't realize, when the pipeline is finished, so are the jobs.

    Of all our assets and resources Campbell thieved and sold, have not benefited the BC people, what-so-ever. Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, who gained? Campbell's theft of our rivers, who gains? Not the people, just big business and Campbell's wealthy friends gain.

    I have a lot of faith in Horgan. He has a handle, on all of the injustices done to the BC people by, Campbell and the BC Liberals. We have just traded one tyrant for another. Christy as Campbell did…Do not understand the HST has killed this province. Restaurants and small business owners, will be under the gun, paying out more for wages. God knows the minimum wage is disgusting, and Campbell refused to raise the wage. We have a stupid retractable arena roof, my, wasn't that ever necessary. Campbell gave himself a $60.000 wage hike. His six figure pension, isn't too shabby either. Ida Chong ate $6,000 worth of food, which is more than thousands of BC people have, to feed their entire families. Campbell could have raised the minimum wage, but chose our hungry BC children, to do without food. Campbell needs a mental evaluation, something wrong with that man. He had stolen from the citizens, to give to big business, and, to fill his own wallet. Our food costs are going up at least 7% more and possibly even higher. The minimum wage needs to be higher, right now. Food costs are going up. Heat has gone up. Our hydro is going up to 50% more. Everyone is going to be much worse off. The HST has to go. Harper has no right to keep the HST, while our BC families are doing without. Harper is just as much a monster, as Campbell is.


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