Will the final loser be the G.O.P. or the U.S.A.?

Regular readers will know there is one mainstream writer for whom I have particular admiration, as a skilled wordsmith and a thoughtful humanist. Roger Ebert’s Journal is one of the finest opinion sites on the Internet. It should not be missed.

This week, Roger touches on politics: The Republicans exit history. He supposes that certain issues will lead to destruction of the broadly based GOP and result in isolation of America’s political zealots from ordinary citizens. A few of his comments:

  • “There is also the curious refusal to raise taxes for the rich, who would best afford to pay them. How many grass roots Americans agree with that? The theory that wealth and jobs will “trickle down” is a fossil from the Reagan era. Voodoo economics. Money that goes to the top has a way of staying at the top, which is why the richest Americans have prospered in these hard times.”
  • “Decent health care is a humanitarian service a society can provide its citizens.”
  • “Opponents of health care are financed by lobbyists paid by the insurance and drug companies.”
  • “The right wing of the Republican Party is under the sway of religious fundamentalists. Some of these people believe they know God’s will. They subscribe to the fiction, “America was founded as a Christian nation.” They actively believe the church should have a greater role in the state. But not just any church, or all churches — their church, fundamentalist Christianity.”
  • “Few people have any problem with the immigration of the best and the brightest from India, China and anywhere else in the world. Here the focus is on undocumented aliens from Mexico. Yet it is a fact that our economy needs and employs them. The agricultural industries of California, Arizona and New Mexico depend on them. Every salad you eat, every fruit juice you drink, inescapably involved an undocumented worker at some stage of its journey to you.”
  • “The inexplicable ideological war against the reality of Global Warming is fueled from the right wing and financed primarily by alliances of the traditional energy industries. Al Gore has been demonized for his crusade on the issue. Al Gore is correct. His opponents seem bought and paid for, whether they are aware of this or not.”

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  1. I sometimes feel like a not-very accomplished swimmer in the sea of American political woes, where I try to avoid being drowned in it, and mostly succeed, but I can't seem to avoid a choking mouthful from time to time. I really appreciate that you write, and connect to, some semblance of sanity. I'll check out Ebert's journal, and Norm, thanks. I hope your health and spirits remain intact for a long time to come.


  2. I know your feeling. I have stopped trying to make sense of American politics. It is a nation with much greatness and humanity but that is being displaced and dominated by hatred and intolerance, at least as displayed in politics and large portions of media.

    However, the many Americans I know as acquaintances and friends demonstrate none of the malevolent qualities that are common in media. This gives hope but I wonder if they are a disappearing class.


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